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What is Tickets?

Whether the general public likes it or not, ticket reselling is a thriving industry. If you’ve been frustrated in the past by tickets to your favorite concert selling out and having to pay a premium over the originally issued price, instead of getting mad again, perhaps it’s time to adopt the mentality of β€œif you can’t beat β€˜em, join β€˜em”. Event ticket sales are quickly approaching $100 Billion in sales annually, and ticket reselling is a big part of it across multiple categories, including sporting events, concerts, festivals and more. With Whop’s ticket reselling communities, you’ll learn all of the industry secrets about the exciting and potentially lucrative worlds of ticket scalping, ticket brokering and more. By joining these reselling Discord groups, you’ll become a ticket dealing insider as you learn all of the best places to buy and sell tickets in addition to having industry intel on seasonality, timing, best pricing practices and more.