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What is General?

Whop is home to many unique sports pick groups, each with its own niche. If you’re unsure which fits your needs best, a great place to start is in the General section. Here, you’ll find hundreds of communities offering predictions and insights to help you make better sports betting decisions. These sports picks communities stand out because they don’t specialize in particular sports or leagues. You’ll find plays for any sport imaginable, from popular American sports, like the NBA, NFL and MLB, to UFC, Tennis, and Esports. This makes them great if you’re a fan of multiple sports and like to predict results for all of them. The same goes for different bet types. Whether you prefer standard moneyline plays, spreads, or player props, you’ll find them all on general groups for sports predictions. Some of these communities focus on single picks, while others rely on huge parlay slips that require multiple hits in order to win. General sports Discord servers are also excellent for newcomers, as they give them an overall idea of how sports betting works. They strive to teach everyone the principles of proper betting and have tons of tips and insights for novice bettors. What’s also noteworthy is some of the top communities on the Whop charts fall under the General tab. Sounds interesting? Then check out some of the top sports picks groups on Whop today! You can even try out multiple communities to find the perfect fit for you!