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What is NFTs?

Welcome to the Whop NFT trading page! Here, you’ll find some of the internet’s best communities and Discord servers focused on trading NFTs! Non-fungible tokens are an innovative, disruptive technology that is being used by some of the world’s biggest brands in areas like logistics, but they are also digital assets that have significant value and can be traded for profit. Blockchain technology can be complex, but these NFT trading communities feature plenty of educational resources that’ll give you a fantastic grounding on not just how to trade NFTs, but what they and their underlying technology is all about. If you’re not sure which out of the hundreds of blockchains out there can support NFTs and what the best NFT marketplaces are, your worries are at an end. ETH or SOL? Opensea or Immutable? What is minting, and how do NFT wallets work? From where to sell NFTs to how to flip PFPs, these NFT trading Discord servers have all the answers. Scroll down and take your pick from the choice below to start learning about and trading NFTs today!