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Certified Crypto

(65 reviews)

The Original & Best Crypto Education Discord

CC Pro takes you to a new level of PRO Membership.

Our Discord service provides you exclusive access to a wide range of benefits. These include:

-Daily Members Updates

-Crypto Investing

-Copy Trading From Our In House Trader

-Swing Trade & Leverage Trading

-Alt Coin Gem Research

-Engaging educational content provided daily.

-Detailed charts and trading options, such as leverage, spot, and long-term trading.

-Networking opportunities with like-minded investors within our chatroom.

-Members only live streams and real-time trade & investing ideas.

-Access an EXCLUSIVE role colour theme for discord to show you are part of the elite PRO members.

-Early access to our in person crypto live events.

-Discounts on all products we offer.

And so much more!

By joining our community, you'll learn effective risk management techniques and develop profitable investing and trading skills using various disciplines and strategies.

Initially you may join our discord service for the educational content and profits, however after spending some time with our community you will remain due to the community driven experience.

We often see members upgrade to the yearly subscription and committing to the community that we have built.

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Real World Knowledge
Make informed investment decisions on all things cryptocurrency. Understand where you are putting your money.
Technical Analysis
Take a deep dive into the tech and the potential of emerging cryptocurrencies so you are one step ahead of the game.
$5k → $100k Challenge
Follow our $5k-$100k Crypto Challenge
Alt Coin Gems
Access to our research into early stage projects & crypto gems.
Investing Mindset
Seperate yourself from those looking to make quick money. Instead become a force to be reckoned with.
Members Livestreams
Have direct access to live questions about all things crypto and trading, we also share trade secrets on each stream.
Crypto News
From around the globe, so you can act quickly and decisively to protect your investments, or jump on new opportunities.
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Customer reviews
4.25 out of 5
(65 reviews)
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5d ago
I am extremely disappointed with Certified Crypto. I approached them for professional advice and guidance on cryptocurrency investments, but instead, I encountered condescending and dismissive behavior. Whenever I asked questions or expressed concerns about the cryptocurrencies they recommended, they would gaslight me by saying I was being "overly emotional" and not thinking rationally. This is not only unprofessional but also incredibly disrespectful. I expected expert advice and support, not to be belittled for seeking clarity on my investments. I would not recommend Certified Crypto to anyone looking for genuine and respectful consultancy services.
User avatar
5d ago
Profiteering from their own personal liquidity pool. No free speech. Not allowed to question things. Avoid. Charlatans.
User avatar
5d ago
The 1/1 consultations are all scripted and read from posts found on Reddit & Crypto forums. These guys give financial advice that will ruin you. Do not buy any of their products or services unless you want to have no money.
How do I access the Discord after I have subscribed?
After checkout, you will instantly presented the link to join the discord server.
Is Certified Crypto the same as Crypto Glasgow?
Certified Crypto is the online community brand of Crypto Consultancy Glasgow.
I'm a total beginner, is it worth it for me?
Yes its the perfect place for a beginner, we have an entire beginners suite within discord, and a chatroom thats open 24/7 with a supportive community.
How much do i need to invest?
We as a community has a wide range of members, from those who invest £10 per week, to those who invest £100,000 per week, Its all down to the individual, CC Pro is an educational platform , there is no need to invest to be a part of it.
I have over $10,000 portfolio, should i go Alpha?
Yes, if you are investing/trading in high volumes over $10,000 you should join Alpha.
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Certified Crypto
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65 reviews

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