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Top 7 figure Funded Futures Trader, providing a variety of educational services which do NOT constitute financial advice

Welcome to ChrisFX Signals Service! The service ENTAILS:

☑️ FUTURES Trading (Nasdaq, S&P500 And Crude Oil) | From CFDs Only Nasdaq And SPX500

☑️ Going live every single day For 1 - 3 Hours (Clear Entry SL and TP Rules)

☑️ How to Pass Challenges

☑️ Full PowerPoint Presentations and PDFs every single week!

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ChrisFX Signals

Trading Education
Get access to the best trading education in the market and learn from the one of the best mentors
1on1 Mentoring
I am one of the TOP Trading Mentors that you can work with. A simple session is going to change your trading approach
ChrisFX Academy
My Academy will take you from beginner to expert and will teach you a bunch of different trading strategies
Signals Service
Get access to the most transparent and highest quality signals service in the market
Customer Q&A
Q: How are we going to get the signals are they limit orders or market execution? If market execution is the time going to be enough for tading
A: For the swing strategy with pending orders. For the scalping which I am trading live with market executions
Asked on Feb 12, 2024
Q: hi, are we trading live with you,we pass our apex challenge by giving your entries? also can we copy our entries if we buy 10 apex challenge? thanks
A: Hello. Yes, we are all trading live together! I have passed 2 challenges this week alone! You can copy your entries to as much as 20 accounts!
Asked on Apr 13, 2024
Q: Hello, is the monthly subscription valid for 30 days from the date of purchase? Also, do you have some kind of track record? Thanks
A: Yes, the monthly subscription is valid for 1 month from the date of the purchase, so full 30 days. I have video proof when someone joins from all the past lives as also of course you can see all the trades that I have called in the chat.
Asked on Feb 17, 2024
Q: Hello Chris. I have following your content on YouTube. Any promo code for the monthly signals?
A: Hello. I have a promo code. Use code “ CHRIS10 “ upon checkout for a 10% discount!
Asked on Mar 10, 2024
Q: It is possible to use your strategy if I work full time job? Better alert or academy service in this case? Did you have promo code for Academy too?
A: It is possible to use my strategy with a daily job yes. I would suggest the academy and yes I have a promo code “ MARCH30 “. Valid this month only for a 30% discount for the lifetime program !!!
Asked on Mar 12, 2024
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1 month ago
How do I reach out to you for some extra questions I have before joining either the accademy or 1-1. I can't find your email... I'm part of signals group.
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1 month ago
What a great guy Chris is totally transparent and honest. Must of worked very hard to get to know the markets like he does.
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1 month ago
I really like how Chris has a mechanical strategy with set rules, and very disciplined in taking only a high quality setup and not overtrading. So far very good
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43 reviews

Futures and CFDs trading education using Smart Money Concepts! I have come up with the best and the most profitable trading strategies. When it comes to trading, there is nothing better out there and nothing that even comes close to the winning percentage of my strategies. Not only that, I am one of the few transparent trading educators, sharing my trades (both wins and losses) and teaching you about trading psychology and how to build the perfect trading plan. Success is the only thing that you can expect when you choose to become a student of mine!