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Crypto Whale Pumps

(44 reviews)

Education. Profit. Community.

  • Comprehensive Trade Updates: Stay informed with continuous updates on all my trading activities, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.
  • Sophisticated Trade Alerts: Receive timely alerts for potential trades, carefully selected based on advanced criteria such as RSI, divergence patterns, and crucial support/resistance levels.
  • Curated Signal Aggregation: Access exclusive, top-tier signals consolidated from leading providers, complete with detailed entry, take profit, and stop-loss guidelines. These signals are rigorously backtested and periodically updated to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • DEX & Niche Coin Alerts: Explore the world of DEX and lesser-known coins with our high-quality and high-risk alerts, alongside real-time whale wallet tracking. Stay ahead in the fast-paced segment of DEX and emerging tokens.
  • Premium Trader Community Access: Join an exclusive chat group where you can engage in-depth with experienced traders. This community focuses on advanced analysis, strategy sharing, and is geared towards maximizing profitability.
  • Read real member reviews here - https://t.me/CWPreviews
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Andre Trading Journal
The most profitable area of CWP, with all of Andres trades all of the time!
Crypto Signals
Premium, backtested signals from top providers with precise entry/exit points.
Auto Trading
Full Cornix support for automatic signal trading with recommended config.
Premium Chat
Access an exclusive chat for in-depth analysis and strategic trading discussions.
Potential Trade Alerts
Advanced alerts using RSI, divergences, support/resistance levels.
Reversal Notifications
Notifications for bearish/bullish confirmations and turns.
Real-Time RSI & Market Alerts
Bi-daily market snapshot and RSI-based buy/sell recommendations.
DEX Alerts & Wallet Tracking
High-quality and high-risk alerts for DEX coins, including whale wallet tracking.
Customer question & answers
I'm from Iran and I don't have access to credit card or other sort of routine payment method. is there a way to subscribe by paying in crypto currency
Hi, All major cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment!
Answered 3 months ago
I'm from Bangladesh and I don't have access to credit card. I've Binance account. Can I subscribe from Binance account?
Yes! All crypto wallets are supported!
Answered 3 months ago
Hi. Which app do you use for auto-trading? Also, do I need a VPN server to keep the Binance platform online 24/7? Thank you.
Hi, we use Cornix (https://dashboard.cornix.io/register/CA734E33) This is all handled in the cloud so no need to leave your machine running!
Answered 3 months ago
Is the only payment option for Premium using Coinbase? And is it possible with Autotrading on signals?
Hi, you can pay with any wallet underneath the 'Pay With Coinbase' button. We have Cornix support on our two signal channels!
Answered 2 months ago
Why you don't have any reviews on whop? How can I trust self posted reviews on read only telegram channel?
Hey! I do have reviews on this page! My current score is 4.9/5.0 with 30 reviews!
Answered 1 month ago
Customer reviews
4.68 out of 5
(44 reviews)
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3d ago
Very helpful and profitable, maybe the best community on Telegram.
Purchased Crypto Whale Pumps Premium 1 month ago
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3d ago
This service is amazing. There are days I work odd hours and can’t follow the trading journal, so I use the automated trading on cornix. Even that works like a charm.
Purchased Crypto Whale Pumps Premium 20d ago
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3d ago
Definitely the best group around. Andre is spot on with his signals, and the community has a lot of experienced traders who share their thoughts. Finally found a group that really works for me.
Purchased Crypto Whale Pumps Premium 3 months ago
What is Crypto Whale Pumps Premium?
Crypto Whale Pumps Premium is an advanced, comprehensive service designed for both novice and experienced crypto traders. Building on the success of the Crypto Whale Pumps community, which boasts nearly 24,000 members, Premium offers enhanced tools, deeper insights, and a more interactive, supportive environment. My goal is to empower members to make informed trading decisions and achieve long-term profitability in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.
Is there a free channel?
Yes! You can find our free service here - https://t.me/whalepumpgroup23
What features are included in the Premium service?
All of my trades, all of the time. Potential Trade Alerts: Receive alerts for potential trades using sophisticated criteria, including RSI overbought/oversold, bullish/bearish divergence, and key resistance and support levels. Expertly Aggregated Signals: Access premium signals, aggregated from top-tier providers and backtested for effectiveness, including detailed take profit, entry, and stop loss figures. Utilize strategies that are regularly updated and tested, including a focus on maximizing signal efficacy. Personalized Trading Strategy Development: Benefit from bespoke one-on-one guidance to craft and refine your trading strategies. DEX-specific Alerts and Tools: Benefit from high-quality and high-risk alerts, real-time whale wallet tracking, and customized support for DEX coin trading with Shuriken. Premium Community Chat: Engage with a dedicated community of traders, receiving and contributing to in-depth analysis and personalized trading strategies. A dedicated space for deep analysis and profit-centric discussions.
Why should traders consider joining Crypto Whale Pumps Premium?
Crypto Whale Pumps Premium represents not just a service, but a commitment to your growth and success in crypto trading. The combination of real-time alerts, strategic advice, and a supportive community creates an environment where traders can develop, refine, and execute profitable strategies. With transparent pricing and a focus on long-term value, Premium is an investment in your trading future.
What is your refund policy?
All purchases are final and we do not offer refunds.
About the seller
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Crypto Whale Pumps
Trading β€’ Crypto

44 reviews

Dive into the deep waters of cryptocurrency with Crypto Whale Pumps. Specifically designed for those trading in unpredictable cryptocurrency markets, we provide you with the resources and support to develop your personal trading strategy and style. Track real-time wallets of successful DEX traders, join premium chats with seasoned traders and receive signals from top providers with suggested trading settings. Stay on top with our 15-minute alerts on overbought and oversold RSI and be prepared for potentially profitable DEX launches. Surf the waves of the crypto ocean with us for a successful financial quest.