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Crypto Glasgow

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Crypto Consultancy Glasgow

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Portfolio Rebalancing
Have your portfolio analysed & rebalanced based on your goals.
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Customer reviews
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(13 reviews)
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3 months ago
Had my 1-1 phone consultation and initially I was on the fence if I should book one. After seeing all the hype and praise on the chat room I took the plunge. Safe to say it was money well spent!! Don makes you feel relaxed and is so easy to talk to. You can tell all him and the team all want you to succeed. We discussed my portfolio and what my own goals are going forward for the upcoming bull run. From some of his advice I rebalanced my portfolio and I am in a good position for the bull. Would highly recommend to anyone!!
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3 months ago
If you want to succeed in crypto then an in person 1-1 with the 2 boys is an essential yearly MUST DO. The same way a personal trainer helps you in your fitness journey is the same way the boys help you but in your investing journey. Glasgow’s Goat’s!😎
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4 months ago
I have been a member of the discord for a number of years and I honestly cannot recommend it enough, absolutely fantastic!! The content, education, advise, opportunities, honesty, direction is second to none. If you want to learn about crypto and make money then look no further! Since I have been a member of the discord I am confident with all my holdings and looking forward to the bull run to reap the rewards thanks to the CCPro team. I have had 1-1s over the phone and in person and again if you are serious about crypto then I would suggest you book in as I would highly recommend. I had an in person 1-1 within the last week to review my portfolio and devise a plan for the bull run and as always the team delivered a fantastic 1st class service and I am excited to see the results. Thank you CCPRO
Can we discuss portfolio rebalancing on the 1-1 call?
Yes, we can discuss anything you need help with on your crypto journey, including Portfolio Rebalancing.
Is it a zoom call?
No, 1-1 calls are via phonecall. For zoom please book 'in person 1-1'
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Crypto Glasgow
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