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E-mini Maverick

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Live Futures Trading and Education with Telegram Chat

Access to E-mini-Maverick’s live futures trading room and Telegram channel. Live trading room open from 9:30AM EST to 4:00PM specializing in the Nasdaq & S&P 500 E-mini futures contracts.

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E-mini Maverick Chat Group, E-mini Maverick Performance

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New Member Onboarding Video

Funded Futures Trading eBook
In this introductory eBook, Maverick will provide a comprehensive overview on how to become a funded futures trader.
Live Trading Room
Join Maverick everyday in his live trading room. Ask questions, learn his A+ setups, interact with others.
E-mini futures trades
NQ and ES only
One-on-One Coaching
Searching for one-on-one coaching? Maverick is ready to create a customized training plan just for you.
Copilot Trade Assistant
Copy all Maverick's trades in real time automatically.
Live Trading Session Archive
All live sessions and trades are recorded and archived for review and analysis.
Customer question & answers
Hello. Does your strategy allow to pass the prop company’s challenge if I copy your futures trades in realtime?
Certainly, the majority of traders within my trading room & signals trade proprietary trading accounts, myself included. Signals and live trading room have been tailored to cater to prop accounts, emphasizing minimal drawdowns. While also being scalable to any account size. I invite you to explore my YouTube video, which delves into the crucial topic of selecting an appropriately sized trading account. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Answered 3 months ago
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4.97 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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4d ago
Maverick teaches a straightforward style of trading that is effective and realistic. This room has helped me develop a practical roadmap for becoming profitable with futures.
Purchased Live Trading Room & Telegram Chat 1 month ago
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KLM Options#5225
18d ago
I wish I had found Maverick a year ago. After 10 different trading discords, every indicator strategy out there, gamma and all it's friends, and flow data..............I was worried that I'd be just another part of the 99% that don't make it in this game. I stumbled across a video of his on YouTube (luckily) and everything changed. His approach and the way he does things just clicked. The time he spends each day (the whole trading session) helping and answering any questions, as well as trading, is huge. Nobody does that in the options and futures arena. Looking forward to the future and being part of the 1% that do succeed in this. Thanks Mav!
Purchased Funded Futures Trading eBook 1 month ago
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1 month ago
Sign up was quick and seem less. Lots of useful info right from the start.
Purchased Funded Futures Trading eBook 1 month ago
What time is your live trading room open?
From 9:30AM EST to 4:00PM EST
Do I need any past experience to trade futures?
It’s a harsh reality that around 90% of futures traders end up blowing up their accounts within a mere 90 days. However, with the help of my trade signals and effective account position sizing, you can be among the rare 10% who actually turn a profit. Surprisingly, you don’t even need prior experience in trading. In fact, it may even work in your favor if you don’t have any bad habits lingering from past market experiences.
What is your Apex discount code?
Use code MAVERICK at checkout to receive at least 71% off all evaulations accounts.
I'm new to trading, will you help me?
Definitely! We' all started as beginners at some point in our trading journey. My aim is to assist you in becoming a profitable trader by providing my trades and expertise. I genuinely want to help you become a profitable trader. We're in this together, and I'll be there to support you every step of the way.
How do I access the livestream each day?
You will need a free Zoom account and a free Telegram App for the group chat and performance channel. I post a link to the live trading room in Telegram each morning.
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E-mini Maverick
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E-mini Maverick is a full time professional futures trader offering a live trading room specializing in the NQ and ES futures contracts.