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The Fba Bot

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FBA Bot that works 24/7 in USA & EU

Bundle for Germany will grant you access to the following bots:

A2A - Bot that finds profitable Amazon to Amazon flips. These can be very lucrative, everything from Amazon matching other retailers on their clearance prices all the way to Amazon misprices (yes they do happen!). Some of these may be suitable for flipping on eBay too so be sure to compare the prices.

A2A Low Key - Similar to the above however the drop % and sales per month will be lower in this bot.

A2A Voucher - Bot that finds Amazon listings that have a disproportionately large coupon attached to them. Items posted by this bot won’t always be profitable for Amazon reselling, sometimes they may be Private Label listings but you are likely to pick up some bargains or items that would be suitable for selling elsewhere.

A2A Bundle - Bot that finds price drops in bundle listings. These listings normally have low sales per month as they are not as easy to find on Amazon and most of the time we recommend splitting up bundled items and selling as individual items. Sometimes multipacks of the same item will be posted where for example quantity of 2 is cheaper than buying an individual item.

3P - 3rd party misprices! These can be huge profit drops!

3P PL - more likely to be private label items, some can be lucrative on other platforms.

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German Bundle

Access to our bots
Lightning fast bots that don't sleep - don't miss any A2A and 3rd party pings again!
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4 months ago
Great service with super quick bots. USA bundle is fire!
Why The Fba Bot?
We provide lightning fast bots for select markets at affordable prices.
Is it safe to purchase from Amazon and sell back on Amazon?
Yes it is! Amazon to Amazon selling is very common in United Kingdom, some sellers don’t sell OA, RA or Wholesale products, simply stick to Amazon to Amazon.
Is this service only suitable for Amazon sellers?
Not at all, our bots pick up variety of items, some of which may not be suitable for reselling but are of great value, non resellers are more than welcome and would find great value here, equally majority of the profitable deals can be re-sold on eBay, Shopify stores, brick and mortar stores or even on local selling websites, try to see if this is for you!
Is every item posted profitable?
No, we do work hard to continuously improve accuracy of the service however some items posted will not be profitable Amazon to Amazon flips, for this reason, every post includes a 90 day Keepa graph and links to Selleramp & Keepa so that it would be easy to quickly check the product as soon as it pings without the need to copy and paste ASIN’s between apps. As with everything, you should do your own research before making a buying decision.
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The Fba Bot
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1 review

The FBA Bot is a Discord based service that works 24/7 continuously searching for deals on Amazon. Our bundles cover Amazon to Amazon (A2A Bots) as well as 3rd party price drops and few more niche services! We currently provide services for USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.