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ACTUAL Profitable Leads
Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitradge, Wholesale, & even Ebay2Amazon leads! (30 - 100% ROI) YES WE'RE THAT GOOD!
Weekly Calls With Alex
Multiple weekly calls held by 6 and 7 figure sellers to help scale your amazon business
Dedicated Setup Support
Upon joining you'll recieve a personal staff member dedicated to you to MAKE SURE that you profit ensuring your success!
Full Category Support
From Retail Arbitrage, To Online Arbitrage, To Wholesale Leads & Connections - Even all the way to Private Label
Filtered Leads
Receive not only 10-15 leads a day but on top of that the admins will then filter the best of those and send those out !
Exclusive VA Training
We understand finding a VA is hard enough, but training them as well ! Luckily our team will do both for you.
Prep Center Partnerships
Prepping on your own can be hard. Luckily for our members, the team sources the best prep centers in the nation for YOU!
Credit Card & Cashback Guides
Our team will guide you through the top credit cards and cashback softwares and tips in order for you to maximize profit
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2 months ago
1 week into FTS @CashoutAlex the owner, has helped me hire a high quality VA who has provided me with multiple leads. The whole process was a breeze, almost everyday now I have a list of leads sent, definitely worth it.
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4 months ago
Amazing way to get introduced to amazon fba/fbm. Also have great ways to flip money on ebay. Have made my money back plus profit in my first month. HIghly recommend
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8 months ago
This is only my first month and I have already made a few thousand dollars. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to make money fast!
What is Amazon FBA?
Amazon FBA is one of the most underrated ways to make money through e-commerce. Essentially, you are purchasing items from either manufacturers (US-based, so shipping isn't overpriced) and/or through various websites that we will post and alert you to. All you need to do is buy a profitable product (98% of leads we post are profitable). Then ship it the customer or better yet have it be "Fulfilled By Amazon" aka FBA
What makes you different from other people trying to educate about Amazon selling?
Well, for starters, we will almost never advise you to run into these other stores and start scanning products (like most other people will tell you). It's 1. WAY too saturated and 2. TOO time-consuming. Instead, we provide a much better alternative route and post directly into specific Discord channels when we find a profitable lead. On top of that, our constant support alone is worth way more than anyone else trying to educate you on a market like Amazon. We will even go as far as calling your phone number to help you set up and ensure you achieve results similar to our more profitable students.
Can I do this while being a full time student in either high school or college?
YEP - Here's how: Thanks to our private prep center partnership, you can remotely ship all your profitable products straight to their warehouse for a small fee, and they will handle all the prep work for you. This includes taping, boxing, labeling, shipping, and removes all the hassles that Amazon FBA may come with when trying to balance being a full-time student. Our 24/7 Team will happily assist you and fully walk you through the prep center onboarding process in order to guarantee and easy and fast way to start scaling your amazon business.
I already sell on Amazon. Would your group be beneficial for me as well?
YEP! We provide just as much value for users who have already been selling on Amazon, and we cater to everyone from novice to expert-level sellers. Whether it's Amazon tools that can improve your selling, better and bigger leads/profit margins, tax benefits, credit card hacks, private manufacturer connections, or pretty much anything else, we are confident that you will fall in love with our Amazon family.
Alright, you've got me! How can I start, and how much money do I need to get started?
So, although you can start with any amount of money, it's highly recommended that when starting, you have at least $1,000 to $2,000 as a minimum. Ideally, $3,000 to $5,000 is perfect because with our leads, you will be profiting at least 0.25 to 0.5 times the money you put in, as our leads typically offer a 25% to 50% ROI on investments. This means that with $1,000, you'll most likely only make $500 in profit that month, which isn't horrible but could be much more. IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN $1,000, DO NOT PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION as you will likely struggle. However, if you have more than that, your Amazon business will be cash-flowing positively and is very likely to increase in profit month over month.
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Who is FTS ? Flip The System is a community dedicated to Amazon Resellers BY Resellers themselves. The Owner SG, Cashout, and Justice all share a similar motive. We remember how difficult the barrier to entry for Amazon FBA is so we decided to help ease the stress of scalings/starting your business. We understand how vague the other information is out there so we compile everything we know into an easy to digest format in order for support your journey to becoming a 6-7 figure seller. The community prides itself in the large amount of support the other members contribute into your journey. Along with the 24/7 support team being your handheld guide, its a very low chance you dont succeed. See You Guys Inside ;)