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Flipping Markets HTF Strategy

The Forex Trading Strategy that will help you to Escape the 9-5 Rat Race.

Flipping Markets: The Higher Timeframe Mystery Trading Book

A 110-page PDF packed with everything you need to know about higher time-frame trading. From beginner to advanced concepts, complete entry checklist, psychology, risk management, case-studies, and more. Benefit from 5 years of experience condensed into one comprehensive guide. Start your journey to trading now!

EXTRA FEATURE: Gain FREE access to a Discord Trading Floor where you can share your trades, learn from others trades, discuss your ideas and brainstorm with like-minded traders!

Why Should You Choose the "Higher Timeframe Mystery" trading book?

  • Beginner Friendly: Whether you're a beginner starting your Forex trading journey or an advanced trader looking to fine-tune your strategies, the "Higher Timeframe Mystery" has got you covered. It offers a comprehensive roadmap to help you navigate the complexities of the market with confidence.
  • Proven Trading Strategy: We have put years of refining, data collecting, live testing into this strategy. Statistically proven profitability.
  • Trade Alongside Your Job: Are you tired of the daily grind, endlessly punching the clock for someone else's dream? Look no further, with this book, you can learn to trade alongside your job, so that you can later quit and start a full-time trader career.
  • Limited Chart Time Required: Don't have time to stare at the screen for several hours a day and analyze charts? With this strategy, you need a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes of charting per day, which you can even do from your mobile!
  • Reduced Chart Anxiety: Quicker decision making, increased confidence, boosted emotional well-being, less stress. Something you've been looking for!
  • Rule Based Trading System: Are you tired of not being sure about a particular trade because you don't have a specific trading plan? The "Higher Timeframe Mystery" strategy gives you a point-by-point list that tells you exactly when to enter and when to stay out of it. It's like an indicator, with one difference: you become your own indicator.
  • High Win Ratio: Higher win-ratio, lower stress level! With this strategy it's more than possible to have a constant ~80% win-ratio due to executing high probability setups only. In April we won 12 trades out of 14, putting a 30% net account growth on the table!

Whether you're a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced trader looking to refine your skills, this e-book is your roadmap to success. Take control of your financial future and start trading with confidence today!

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HigherTimeframe Mystery Book

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Discord Trading Floor
Share your trades, discuss your ideas, learn from others trades and brainstorm with like-minded traders.
106 Pages of Raw Knowledge
Various examples, clean explanation of the strategy, psychological guidance and many more!
Trade Alongside Your Job
Maintain a stable income and relieve the financial stress often associated with full-time trading.
Limited Chart Time Required
Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, our systems are designed to benefit traders schedules. 30 mins a day!
Reduce Chart Anxiety
Quicker decision making, increased confidence, boosted emotional well-being, less stress
High Win Ratio
Due to executing high probability setups on the 4 Hour time frame only you can achieve a 60-70% or even higher win-rate!
Rule-Based Trading
Learn a Rule-Based trading system that tells you EXACTLY when to enter in a trade, and when to stay out of it.
Trade On One Timeframe
Do you find it difficult to analyze several time planes at the same time? This ends now! Trade only the 4hour timeframe!
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Flipping Markets HTF Strategy
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