Tackling a dispute can be challenging and time-consuming. Thankfully, Whop’s ‘Dispute Fighter’ streamlines the process, making it much more manageable. Our tool automates the uploading of legal documents and customer purchase logs within seconds, greatly increasing your likelihood of winning the dispute. You can review Stripe’s documentation and further information on this process here.

Disputes page overview

Embarking on a dispute resolution journey is a breeze with our in-house system. Just venture to your Disputes page, where you'll encounter a sleek table brimming with all the essential information. Within this table, you'll find details such as the dispute amount, status, reason, method, user involved, disputed date, and respond-by date.

To initiate the dispute-fighting process, simply locate the red 'Fight Dispute' button and click away!

Early Dispute Alerts

Whop Payments provides an in-house auto-refund system for early dispute warnings. Use the 'Dispute protection alerts' button to edit your settings.

Learn more about our early dispute detection system here.

Dispute Tips

There is no guaranteed method to winning disputes. However, you can increase your odds. Here are our tips for enhancing your submission.

Proving screenshots of the user being active in your server or using your product.

  • Providing screenshots of the user being active in your server or using your product is an effective way to increase your chances of winning disputes. You can provide screenshots of the user’s activity in your discord or using your product as proof that they were aware of their membership and are currently taking advantage of it.

Showing proof of your TOS and Refund policy posted

  • Upload your Terms of Service and Refund Policy under the Legal settings. These will be included for customers to access at the bottom of the checkout page. This is another important step in ensuring that your documentation is up to date and can be used to fight each of your disputes.

💡 Looking for more help? Reach-out to our 24/7 live chat support team here.