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Horizon Freebie Bot

(26 reviews)

Automate shopping and receive freebies.

Get ready to receive a treasure trove of FREE ITEMS delivered right to your doorstep! With our cutting-edge software, you'll gain exclusive access to insane coupon codes from Amazon that are automatically checked out for you.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and resell the items you receive for FREE to earn some serious cash!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to turn your mailbox into a goldmine!

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Expensive Deals Unlocked
Our freebie and deals bot scores the most expensive items on Amazon for $0!
Speedy Support
Have a question? Text us! 619-630-5741
Automated Deal Checkouts
Let our software do the hard work. While you sleep Horizon scores freebies! Wake up to free items on it’s way to home!
Customer Q&A
Q: Hey, does it work on amazon.es?
A: No, unfortunately we are Amazon US only at the moment. Stay tuned for further implementations.
Asked on May 28, 2023
Q: what is the difference between buying cloud membership and key? how can I run multiple amazon accounts, and what is the limit of accounts I can run?
A: With Cloud you do not run the Application on your PC. You gain access to our Web Browser Dashboard. The difference is the resources that may be an additional cost if you bought the AIO key.
Asked on May 27, 2023
Q: Hey, does it work on amazon.es?
A: No, unfortunately we are Amazon US only at the moment. Stay tuned for further implementations.
Asked on May 28, 2023
Q: Hello interested in joining but want to ask questions first, who can I reach out to?
A: You are welcome to message 'lucashuracan' on Discord, or join our waiting room and ask in our chat: discord.gg/freebiebot.
Asked on Aug 15, 2023
Q: Are there any bundles I can purchase?
A: Yes of course! if you message @zayso on discord I can put something together for you that will fit and tailor to your needs and expectations!
Asked on Nov 15, 2023
Customer reviews
4.35 out of 5
(26 reviews)
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3 months ago
Won a black friday give away for lifetime access. Team changed their model and wording to assure it was life time 'BETA' access. Truly disappointing.
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3 months ago
You get a few things from it, but nothing really worth anything. Admins seem to get all the good stuff. Also takes DAYS to get a reply for any assistance. Also they recommend you have 100+ amazon accounts. Not suitable for most people.
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8 months ago
How do I start?
Claim your access and you get directed to where you add your Amazon account to the bot.
Anything I should know?
Make sure to spend any giftcards before adding your account to the bot.
Do you have proven success?
Yes sure, text me and I’ll direct you to our user success panel. Website in progress stay tuned!
About the seller
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Horizon Freebie Bot
Life Hacks • Deals

26 reviews

Welcome to the ultimate destination for freebies and insane deals - Horizon Freebies, the undisputed leader in Deals and Automation Suite! Our lightning-fast and incredibly reliable deal monitors automatically check out the latest and greatest freebies and deals every single day. Since our launch, we've already helped our users claim over a staggering $3,000,000 worth of freebies! Join our community now and experience the thrill of getting your hands on the hottest products for free, without any hassle or effort on your part! With Horizon Freebies, the sky's the limit when it comes to savings and rewards!