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Industry leading private ETH node built by NFT traders for NFT traders.

The HyperNode™ is an industry-leading private ETH Node built by NFT Traders for NFT Traders.

Accessing the HyperNode gives you private access to a private ETH node to increase your TX success rate, snipe and mint NFTs more effectively, and transact faster on the ETH blockchain.


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2x Faster ETH TXs
Speed matters. Use the HyperNode to transact 2x as fast as mainnet solutions. (MetaMask, Alchemy, Quicknode, etc)
Avoid MEV Bots
Since the HyperNode is so fast your TXs have a higher likelihood of avoiding MEV bots and getting sandwiched.
Save Money On Gas Fees
Save money on gas fees from your ETH TXs by beating higher gas TXs to the mempool.
Secure Hype Mints
Ensure you don't miss out on hype mints by using the HyperNode. Speed Matters.
Snipe NFTs with Ease
NFT metadata/art reveals are often times when rare NFTs get sniped for cheap. Be the one getting those valuable NFTs!
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Great product
Purchased a month ago
What is the HyperNode?
An industry-leading private ETH node.
What does it do?
It gives users access to their own private ETH node which allows them to transact faster. Increasing the ability to snipe and mint NFTs when it matters most.
Does using a private node really make a differnece?
Yes, this matters because speed is everything when you are minting, sniping, and trading NFTs. The HyperNode provides you with exponentially faster transaction speeds than anyone else using solutions like Infura, Alchemy, Quicknode, etc.
Is it complicated?
No, it's a simple 3 step process to get set up and takes less than 60 seconds.
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JustCubes LLC
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JustCubes LLC is a SaaS company that offers multiple NFT trading software solutions to its users via subscriptions and NFT token access.