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Weekly Townhall Sessions
Join the IBWT Army as we discuss the state of things every weekend for 2+ hours
Global Networking
Access a variety of chat rooms to discuss everything related to business, investing, real estate, sports and more
Entrepreneurial Workshops
Expand your knowledge with workshops covering an array of segments which will enable you to become your own boss
Book 1 on 1 Appointments
Schedule one on one sessions which allow you to tailor your strategies and explore alternative paths.
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(4 reviews)
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6 months ago
I really enjoy and highly appreciate being able to get caught up in the odd hours I work. Night shift sucks, so I'm thankful being able to get caught up on what I missed. Always love learning too, great community!!
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7 months ago
Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a quick note about the IBWT GROUP. It's pretty awesome! The weekly townhall meetings are the real deal – there is packed in so much info without being boring. Whether you're new to the whole crypto scene or you've been around the block a few times, there's always something new to pick up. And the people? Super cool. It's like everyone's on the same wavelength, chatting, sharing tips, and just having a good time. It's not just chat – it's like hanging out with friends who get what you're into. So, if you're into XRP and looking for a chill place to learn and chat, this is the spot. Trust me, it's worth dropping by.
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7 months ago
The investment group for those who want to see through the news narrative. The perspectives gained from weekly Townhall have shaped my understanding of financial technology, and my ability to critically appraise world events. This community has been blessed with high value individuals who are all dedicated to helping each other reach financial and personal success. I am excited to see the partnerships and collective endeavours that will grow organically from this group in the years to come. You only get one timeline, make the most of it. #IBWT
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Personal Finance • Investing

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Built on a Foundation of Trust Enter a realm where investors aren't just participants - they're family. Our global communitty is a beacon of trust. We elevate one another with collective intelligence and strive for excellence in unison. Become a member of our family, united by the pursuit of knowledge and the spirit of shared success.