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ISA Virtual Coaching

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Your Path to One-Design Sailing Mastery

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Video Review
Olympic coaches will watch your video, and leave detailed VoiceOver feedback
Ask a Coach
Sailors can ask the coaches anything, we can provide detailed checklists, video examples and diagnose common errors
Take part in weekly workouts, designed by Olympic Gold Medalist, Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias. Engage with Anna in Q&A
Tip of the Week
We release weekly tips that help enhance your sailing. The tips include model behaviour, and are extremely detailed
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(14 reviews)
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7 months ago
ISA is the bomb. If you’re serious about becoming a better sailor, International Sailing Academy is the place to go. In my own experience, they’ve been invaluable in helping me improve my performance in the Laser. What makes them different is that their coaches are among the best in the world. Vaughn coaches one of the top female Laser Olympic sailors. Swifto is a veteran of the legendary Australian Men's Laser squad that has won gold in the last three Olympics. Bill has won maybe 10 Masters Worlds. Nick won two Laser worlds. And so on. This matters because even though Lasers are a simple boat, technique makes a big difference. It's similar to golf: a golf club might look simple, but mastering a swing takes years. Good Laser sailors have a similar level of control over their movements. This is different from other boats, where speed might be function of better equipment or adjustment of sails. ISA coaches know what the best technique looks like, and have the patience, drills, and content to teach you how to learn it. Additionally, Lasers have characteristics different from many other boats, like by the lee sailing, a hull that weighs less than the sailor, etc. For these reasons, generalist sailing coaches don’t have the expertise to get you to top level in the Laser. ISA does.
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7 months ago
I have been learning a lot about sailing through ISA virtual coaching, which includes tips and lectures from world-class coaches/sailors, an 'ask-a-coach' forum where you can submit questions, and a video feedback forum where you can submit your own sailing footage for feedback. I particularly appreciate the video feedback forum, where you can receive highly personalized advice from professional coaches. I think this can be even more beneficial than physical coaching (which tends to be more expensive) in certain aspects. While virtual coaching may not entirely replace physical coaching, it serves as an excellent complement.
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7 months ago
I've been a member for around 6 months, and I feel I have learned more about ILCA sailing in that time than I have in the last 10 years. The coaches are great and very helpful and responsive. It feels great to be getting personalised coaching advice from Olympic coaches and former Olympic gold medalists!
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ISA Virtual Coaching
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Unlock Your Sailing Potential with ISA Mexico – Where Champions Sail! β›΅πŸŒŸ Imagine learning basketball from Michael Jordan or golf from Tiger Woods in their prime. Now, picture receiving world-class sailing coaching from ISA Mexico – ILCA sailing's premier training destination! Founded by sailing aficionados Vaughn Harrison and Colin Gowland in 2010, ISA Mexico has been revolutionizing sailing education. With a legacy inspired by legends, we bring you the essence of elite coaching coupled with the convenience of online courses and virtual coaching. Why Choose ISA Mexico? πŸ† Premier Training Destination: Nestled in the heart of ILCA sailing, ISA Mexico is the go-to place for those who strive for excellence. Our training facilities are crafted to perfection, offering an immersive environment that fosters growth and success. 🌐 Online Courses and Virtual Coaching: Embracing the digital era, ISA brings the coaching prowess of Vaughn Harrison and Colin Gowland directly to you. No matter where you are, access cutting-edge courses and virtual coaching sessions designed to elevate your sailing skills. 🌍 Global Expertise: ISA collaborates with the best coaches and sailors worldwide to curate experiences that are truly one-of-a-kind. Benefit from the collective wisdom of sailing's luminaries as they share insights, techniques, and strategies to propel you to new horizons.