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99 Proplems

(21 reviews)

Money Managers taking over the NBA prop betting markets. First nba "cappers" to surpass 100 units in the NBA 2023 season alone on Twitter.

Gold Access provides members with all of our NBA Pro Plays (straight bets) & NBA Bonus Plays (Parlays, Ladders, Alts, etc).

Plays will be sent through Discord & Telegram.

NBA 2023: +102.31 units

Pro Plays: 165-89 (64.96%) +62.15 units

Bonus Plays: +40.16 units

*All tracked on public spreadsheet available in our free Discord

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Discord access

GOLD Access

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Unrivaled Prop Projections
We use specialized in-house projections built by professional money managers.+195.97 total units in the 2022 NBA season.
Powered By Oddsjam
Our system shows all major sportsbook lines, refreshing each minute, next to our projections. We pride ourselves on CLV.
Daily NBA Pro Plays
"Pro Plays" are our strongest player prop straight bets. In the 2022 season, we went 416-294 (58.59%) +73.20 units
Daily NBA Bonus Plays
Our Bonus Plays consist of Parlays, Alts, & Ladders. We choose props based on our ceiling projections. +122.77u in 2022.
Profit Tracking
We track every single play that we provide on a Google Doc that is available to everyone. Transparency is key.
Match Up Articles
In-depth analysis on NBA games that we are targeting key match ups. We break down props were looking to attack & why.
Over 500 Discord Members
Although we are NBA focused, we still provide FREE NFL Plays to all members, along with access to our NFL projections.
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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(21 reviews)
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3 months ago
These guys are the truth! I don’t even watch basketball but I trust and believe in everything they put out and have been getting paid doing so!
Purchased 99 Proplems GOLD Access 4 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
Only betting service I pay for. Only one I need to pay for put in $30/month, print money.
Purchased 99 Proplems GOLD Access 4 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
Top notch picks and a really positive community. I don’t need to add anything else, the results speak for themselves πŸ’°
Purchased 99 Proplems GOLD Access 4 months ago
What is the difference between Gold Access & Platinum Access?
Gold Access members are provided with all of our NBA Pro Plays & NBA Bonus Plays on a daily basis. Platinum Access members are also provided with all of our NBA Pro Plays & NBA Bonus Plays, however, these members also gain full access to our projection system that we use to provide our plays. This access link will be sent to Platinum Users via email link upon sign up!
What are NBA Pro Plays?
NBA Pro Plays are our strongest plays derived from our in-house projection system. These plays are straight bets on player props.
What are NBA Bonus Bets?
We have a series of bonus bet structures. Although NBA Pro Plays are by far our strongest plays that we can offer, we also have bets with longer shot odds for lower risk amounts. These bonus bets could consist of Alt Parlays, Ladders, Round Robin Parlays, and even Live Bets. All player prop oriented, of course.
Why would Platinum Access to the NBA projection system be beneficial?
If you're a Platinum Access Member, the value of having access to our system is beyond admirable. We power our system with Oddsjam, which gives us the ability to see every sportsbook prop line on a 10-second refresh rate. This feature allows us to know what lines are available everywhere, at all times. We also have our projections shown for each player on their as well, compared to the sportsbooks lines, with color coordination when "differences" between our projections and sportsbook lines meet our thresholds. This is how we determine what plays are strong enough to become "Official" plays.
About the seller
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99 Proplems
Sports Picks β€’ NBA

21 reviews

99 Proplems is a NBA Player Prop betting service that is built upon a system we originally used for Stock Trading and Portfolio Asset Management.

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