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Alpha Trading

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7 Figure Funded futures/CFD Trader, 200,000$+ In verified payouts. Here to Make you a high level independent trader in every shape and form

Access to The premium Discord.

Note this is NOT a signals discord.

I will be posting trade ideas as well as rationale explaining

trades from an educational perspective.

If you choose to take the idea as a setup that is your own action. I am a firm believer that signals do not help you as an individual learn, however, having access to a 7 figure funded trader

who has made 100k with prop firms I am able to give you the

highest quality of education. My goal is to make you an INDEPENDENT profitable trader.

what you will get:

-Access to a 7 figure trader, 100k+ in payouts

-Pre week and mid week analysis for a plethora of pairs


-High probability potential trade ideas based on analysis

including a high level explanation

-Access to updates and content regarding the trading niche.

-Trading masterminds and lessons to help you learn trading on a high level

-live trading sessions

-Advanced Fundamental analysis

-Advanced Trading concepts

-Psychology Masterminds and motivation

-And much more

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Purchased Discord (no mentorship)

The Best
I designed this Mentorship/course to be extremely high quality more than what big name influencers even offer
Direct Access to me
I have withdrawn 100k+ in payouts from prop firms, you have an experienced mentor who knows what they are talking about.
Lifetime Access
After This 1 time payment you will have LIFETIME access to this course and FULL access to any premium groups.
Advanced Level Knowledge
I go extremely In depth into the highest level of trading concepts you need to be profitable
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(34 reviews)
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2d ago
Intro- I remembered one day finding out about AAbandzfx from a TikTok sent to me from my brother, then later that day I listened to one of his interviews with Johnny. For the longest time after watching 2022 and 2023 of ICT mentorship, and after going through TJR very first videos teaching the skill and the bootcamp I felt like I was always missing something. I felt like there was information that was out there that I needed but just did not know where to look. After listening to Arbaz speak and share his knowledge about the skill and what it took for him to get where he is at when he was having the conversation with Johnny. I realized there is serious levels to this even as a retail trader and I wanted to be on it. Also I realized I’ve been going about my trading journey in a wrong way after watching the Arbaz interview . But I was still doubtful because of the past when I was purchasing mentorships from the wrong people (my fault and I take full accountability for not doing the research) and I was low-key still in the mindset that all people that offer courses are scammers. But after doing research, seeing how active and proactive Arbaz was with all discord members, reading reviews, and even privately reaching out and talking to a couple people that already purchased the mentorship. I finally made the decisions to purchase the mentorship.
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16d ago
I have followed Arbaz and monitored his rise via Social Media long before I purchased his course and joined his community of traders. As a result of this I wasn't in any doubt that his training would be a reflection of his outlook, depth of character, complexity and talent. The 'Trading Education / Product and Service' environment and all that is associated with it such as Signals, Bots and the like is sadly lacking of characters with any integrity but moreover individuals focussed on making a quick buck and 'leveraging' their 'influence' for monetary gain. To put it simply this training has blown anything else I have undertaken out of the water. Arbaz is a man of integrity and wisdom beyond his years. He has delivered ridiculous value, he has demonstrated his incredible depth of knowledge of multiple strategies. He has shone a light on what the markets truly are and what is necessary to find ones edge. He guides and shows us what is necessary to be a competent and ultimately formidable trader as well a grounded human being. I would highly recommend Arbaz and urge any sensible person wanting to elevate their trading skillset to join his community and purchase this formidable training package.
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1 month ago
PART 1: Introduction: The review is a short story of my journey as a trader so far and an honest, unbiased and in depth analysis of the mentorship content provided by Arbaz Ansar and its impact on my trading journey. For some context, I got into trading last year (June 2023) and have looked at a numerous amount of content on youtube and TikTokin order to try and understand the basic principles of trading. Like almost everyone, I stumbled upon and was recommended to watch the free content provided by “The Inner Circle Trader” known as ICT. To say I was lost and confused would be an understatement, everything he said seemed foreign to me and did not make much sense. The content he seemed to produce and the way he explained it seemed as if “If you do this you will make money” which to me seemed way too easy. I asked myself “How can I, a complete beginner, execute these ideas and concepts and know that I will for sure be profitable and confident in my trading system?”. The answer never came to me so I gave up on ICT and decided to switch to another famous trading influencer Tyler, more famously known as TJR. After watching his Bootcamp 1.0, I felt a bit more confident and decided to try out a prop firm challenge even though I was still not 100% sure in my trading plan and if this will even make me profitable. My psychology was horrible, risk management was non-existent, I held losers as long as possible, hoping that the market will go back and I will be able to go back in profit. After a month I was able to pass a 6 000$ funded account and was given a live account from which I would be able to withdraw all the profits. Long story short, I blew the account and can now confidently say that it was the 2nd best thing that has happened in my whole trading journey.
What Do You Trade?
This industry is called the forex industry/cfd industry. We will be trading these products. As many of you may know however, I only specialize in one pair: XAUUSD (gold spot). I firmly believe that you can be very successful as I am with trading one pair. However, what I will be teaching can apply to any type of trading (options, futures) or any other forex pair.
What's so Special About This Course/Mentorship?
I am a 7 figure funded prop trader, who has withdrew 6 figures from proprietary trading firms. You may have seen my name in the trading space as well as my interviews. I was never planning on ever selling anyone anything in this industry since there are a plethora of scammers and illegitimate figures. My goal was to first obtain credibility and verify myself through these firms. However, based on my experience and the amount of real value I can provide that is unique, I decided to create the only mentorship one will ever need to truly be successful. Ever bought a trading course and then thought the content sucked/wasn't unique? This is guaranteed the complete opposite. My goal is to give you all the trading tools in this industry to make you independent. Trading is my passion, and there's nothing I love more then educating people. I strongly believe with the technical information and psychological guidance I provide I can change your life in this industry
Do You Allow Refunds?
I've thought about this for quite some time since I want to provide a superior business model and give the most value for my students, however, this course will be insurmountably comprehensive and on another level from what you see from other individuals. Because I know this course will bring you value, I am NOT ALLOWING REFUNDS at this time. If you ask for refund after purchase you will be denied, and if you go to your bank and try to issue a chargeback dispute on the purchase of my program, you will receive a notice of legal action from my attorney with filed charges for theft of service with intent to defraud. Do not purchase this course if you feel this is not a perfect fit for you.
Will I Make Money Fast? I can Make Money on Day 1 Right?
No. Trading is a professional industry that takes time. We are not here to gamble but generate consistent wealth over a period of time adhering to our system and risk parameters. My goal is to only provide this mentorship for quality people who are actually dedicated to putting in the work and changing their lives. This is the reason why the price point is so high. I don't want just anyone buying this mentorship/course. It took me 2 years before I made any real money. Practicing and giving chart time to these concepts is crucial to your success. My goal is to accelerate this process. It's your job to put the work in. It takes experience and time to truly elevate in this endeavor.
Can I get This Course If I've Never Learned About Trading in My Life?
Absolutely! I designed this course to make people with knowledge even more knowledgeable and people who have never traded in their lives to understand every aspect in this industry
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Alpha Trading
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34 reviews

-My name is Arbaz and I am a 7 figure funded CFD trader who has 100k+ in payouts from proprietary trading firms. After not seeing success in trading after a year, I became profitable learning a lot of secrets about the market and gaining experience that I want to share with you through my mentorship. -I have multiple verified interviews on youtube from my firms validating the amount of money I have made as well as podcasts showcasing my level of knowledge and experience

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