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Amazon Blueprints

(14 reviews)

The All-In-One Amazon FBA Educational Tool

With Amazon Blueprints+, you'll be able to learn at your own pace the ins and outs of running a successful Amazon FBA business as a beginner. Our extensive training allows you to effortlessly pick up on all the tips & tricks that our group of 7 figure sellers have learned through their 6+ years of selling on Amazon.

The Blueprint+ benefits include:

• Discord Access

• CPA Access

• Software PDF Guides

• Process PDF Guides

• Order Templates

• Business Management Templates

• 39 Training Modules

• How To Setup All Your Accounts

• Software Deep Dive

• Online Arbitrage 101

• Retail Arbitrage 101

• Extensive Shipping Guides

• Mastermind Event Access

• Email support

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Online course

Beginner Blueprint Modules

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Online course

Beginner Blueprints Modules

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Online course

Beginner Blueprints Modules

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Monthly Giveaways

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Blueprints+ Member

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Hours Of Exclusive FBA Videos
Access to Exclusive video training modules that will help guide you on your FBA journey.
Wholesale 101 Training
From Starting Wholesale, Finding Distributors, Contacting Distributors, and the Logistics behind it all.
VA Coaching
Scale your business with access to a vetted VA team, so you can focus on growing your business.
Prep Services
Access to StrictlyPrep, Our Whitelabel prep service. Focus more on sourcing and less on prepping all your orders.
In Server CPA Services
An in-server professional business tax expert who is certified in all 50 U.S. states. Free Consultations.
Downloadable Guides
Downloadable pdf assets that feature step by steps on different tools and templates to run your business.
Monthly Calls
Bi-monthly webinar Zoom calls with 7-figure FBA Experts. Live Q&A Discussions.
Community Support
A group of dedicated FBA sellers who all help & support each other through their FBA experiences.
Customer Q&A
Q: I've tried FBA and the hardest thing is always sourcing good products. How do you guys help with this + making sure your finds don't get saturated?
A: We approach our leads list / sourcing methods in fresher way than what most people do. First, All of our leads are manually sourced by 7 figure sellers who spend their time finding these leads without the help of software. Second, we teach a method in our server called "reverse sourcing" this is the preferred method we tell our members to use when we give them leads. By using this method it decreases the risk of product saturation since they aren't buying off the leads directly.
Asked on Jun 7, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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1 year ago
An amazing server with a great group of individuals who provide help when you ask questions. You also receive an insane amount of value out of this group, and it's worth every penny.
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1 year ago
Extremely helpful and nice guys in this discord and saw a lot of Joe's Tik Tok's and Instagram reels lately and figured it is worth a shot and am thoroughly satisfied with my experience so far.
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1 year ago
Excellent people to work with. They will reach you everything you need to know!!
Are there extra perks included with server access?
Yes! We offer hours of exclusive video module content that goes more in-depth about specific FBA topics! | Access to use our in-server CPA services. | Prep & VA access for members in the wholesale blueprint.
How do I access server exclusive perks?
Exclusive videos & past webinars can be accessed through your whop hub. After gaining access to the server, you can navigate back here to where you can find the "My Hub" section the the top. This will bring you into a hosted suite where all of our video content lies.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all products with proof of application use. We must verify that all video content was consumed. For Blueprints + and higher we offer the same money-back guarantee if you have a product spend that is in ratio to your plan's price. | Blueprint+ - Must have a $3000 inventory spend within 6 months. | Wholesale Blueprint - Must have a $35,000+ spend within 6 months. | Done-With-You Blueprint - Must have a $200,000 + spend within 6 months.
How much money do I need to start Amazon FBA?
There isn't a set "amount" that you must have to start FBA, but we recommend having enough to buy products, and expenses, and wait on the monthly payout from Amazon. Expect around a 10-20% return on whatever you invest with FBA.
About the seller
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Amazon Blueprints
E-Commerce • FBA

14 reviews

We educate people on building their own profitable Amazon FBA business. Entered Ecommerce Space EST. 2017 Started selling on Amazon EST.2018 Using all the hard lessons learned and the knowledge we've gained throughout the last 5 years to make the best all in one educational FBA platform!

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