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Amz Peak

(33 reviews)

The only community you'll need to climb to the peak of Amazon!

The Expedition is waiting to take sellers to their next level!

With hundreds of sellers having exponential success in the peak, you will never have to worry about not being an addition to that number! With over 300 leads posted, weekly classes, 24/7 unmatched support to help bolster an unforgettable experience

Additionally, we don't stop at that. Our community strives to accentuate our one main goal, which is to make sure our explorers succeed in the world of Amazon, so you never have to stress about an invaluable experience

When you join the waitlist, you will not get charged until you get accepted from the wailist, which is currently around 1-2 months

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Online course

Peak Tips

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Online course

📌Peak Guides

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Amazon Peak Member

Monitors/ Tools
Experience and utilize curated tools that only explorers have access to. - Tools designed to scale your Amz business.
Guides and Support
Not sure where to begin, no problem. We got you covered with a repository of information! It can be a little too much (:
Peak Leads
Never worry about sourcing again, as we post over 300 Peak leads monthly that are specifically chosen for our explorers.
Wholesale Catalog
Our wholesale program offers explorers the opportunity to order items in bulk with peak pricing. No more Mickeys!
Peak Information
You thought we would stop at guides, definitely not. Amz Peak has a roadmap to ensure our explorers are successful...
Expedition Perks
When you join our expedition, you should expect to receive a slew of perks. Some of these perks are free access to SAAS.
Customer Q&A
Q: is this uk or us? thanks
A: Hello Teller, our group is currently only in the US. However, we will be introducing our UK section during Q4. You can join the Lodge to stay up-to-date during this transition
Asked on Jul 9, 2023
Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(33 reviews)
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3 months ago
First month or so into the server, the owner is super interactive honestly the best server you can be in.
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4 months ago
Amz Peak is by far the best server I have joined for Amazon. The leads are unmatched and the community is very friendly. I have made so many friends being in the community and have grown my Amazon business significantly. Only thing I would've changed is joining sooner.
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4 months ago
Slick really makes this group one of the best groups. He helps you out so much guiding you in the process to make sure you understand what your doing. Great people in the group to network with, great leads, he makes sure everyone is eating. He made amazon selling way easier for and I had no reselling background at all so I was really lost at the start and he just simplified it a lot. Also cant forget the free selleramp that's at least $20 itself.
What are you guy's future plans for Amazon Peak
Our number one goal is to make sure our explorers reach the top of Amazon. In order to accomplish this, we have set in place a roadmap for Amazon Peak's future endeavors.
Will the price ever change?
The pricing is subject to change for any NEW Explorers. Any members in our Discord during this transition will be grandfathered in at the price they initially paid at.
How do we interact/join the expedition?
Our expedition is hosted on Discord. If you don't know how to use Discord, don't worry. We have a full course/class on how to set up and use Discord
About the seller
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Amz Peak
E-Commerce • FBA

33 reviews

Amz Peak is one of the most prominent groups that strive to help novices adapt into becoming 7-figure sellers. We aspire to help achieve financial freedom for all explorers through a roadmap that has ministered over 100 + sellers to the peak of Amazon. We are your personal patron with a briefcase of knowledge of information to help you succeed on Amazon!

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