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Apex Algos

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The Best Algos for MT5

This FREE course provides all the info you need to get the Flex Grid algo set up on MT5.

You might also find it useful if you are thinking of buying Flex Grid as it has videos showing results from our live accounts and a detailed explanation of how the algo works.

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Proven Track Record
Our algos are tested on LIVE accounts for all to see
Live Leaderboards
See the performance of our algos on real user accounts
Fast Support 24/7
Ask questions in the free discord channel or drop us an email
Frequent Updates
Our algos are continuously developed and improved based on results and feedback
Set Files Provided
We provide set files with all algos to help get you started
Education & Courses
All algos come with a detailed course showing how to install and use them
Runs on MT5
Our algos run on MT5 which is widely supported by most forex brokers
Stunning GUIs
Beautiful GUIs ensure you can control our algos with ease
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(1 reviews)
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2 months ago
Apex Algos is amazing, been using it for over 1.5 years now. 10/10 recommend it.
Can I pay monthly?
No, are algos are a one-time payment only for a lifetime license.
How many accounts can I trade?
Each license allows you to trade 1 live account and 1 demo account. You can buy as many licenses as you need.
Are there instructions to set up the algos?
Yes, we provide a detailed course and FAQ section as well as a free discord channel.
Can the algos work with MT4?
No, MT4 is obsolete and no longer updated by MetaQuotes. Our algos work with MT5 only.
Do I need a VPS?
No, but we strongly recommend it. Running your laptop or pc 24/7 will cause issues.
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Apex Algos
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Apex Algorithms is a small team of talented Forex Traders and Algo Trading Developers. Our aim is to produce The Best Forex Trading Robots and Utilities for the MT5 platform.

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