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Ascent Repricer

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The only Amazon repricer that thinks like a seller

Unleash the power of Ascent Repricer, the Amazon repricer that exclusively uses unexplored data to optimize your prices. Experience the delight of staying ahead against repricing competitors by exploiting their strategies. With Ascent's lightning-fast system, your listings outsmart price changes, reacting the instant they occur. Counter undercutting sellers effectively using Ascent's proactive countermeasures. It's the ultimate weapon in the challenging world of Amazon reselling. Currently exclusive to the UK & US marketplaces

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Combat Undercutting
Ascent will detect a seller is undercutting and perform counter measures to slow or even stop the undercutting
Raise the Buy Box
Ascent can detect which other sellers are using a repricer and can exploit this to raise the buy box on your listings
Smart Pricing
Ascent uses data that other repricers simply don't use to make sure you are always priced perfectly
Agile Pricing
Ascent's lighting fast system ensures that your listings are always reacting to price changes as soon as they happen
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Customer reviews
4.93 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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7d ago
Best repricer out there, has massively increased sales volume along side profit. Would recommend to any seller out there.
Purchased Ascent 4 months ago
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8d ago
Best repricer I've used to date
Purchased Ascent 1 month ago
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22d ago
amazing repricer
Purchased Ascent 8 months ago
What marketplaces does Ascent work on?
Ascent currently works on both the UK and US marketplaces.
Can I use another repricer along side Ascent?
You can if you want to, however, for best results you'll want to just stick with Ascent.
Is it easy to cancel my subscription?
It's super easy to cancel your subscription with a few clicks from the Ascent dashboard. If you cancel before your free trial ends, you won't be charged.
Can I use Ascent with books?
Ascent works on all catagories. Turn repricing on and watch the magic happen.
About the seller
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Ascent Repricer
Ecommerce • FBA

14 reviews

A pioneer in intelligent Amazon FBA pricing solutions, Ascent Repricer leverages exclusive data algorithms that are unparalleled in the industry. We act as your strategist, employing seller-centric methods that transcend traditional thinking. Our advanced systems exploit patterns, detect undercutting sellers, and implement tactical countermoves, enabling sustained profitability for your Amazon listings. We pride ourselves on the lightning-fast speed of our system that reacts instantaneously to price alterations, ensuring you stay ahead of the game. At Ascent Repricer, we go beyond the ordinary to provide you with exponential growth avenues in the fiercely competitive Amazon marketplace.

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