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TikTok Guide by Beamed

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Scale your success with beamed

Join the BeamedGroup and master TikTok shop! Harness high-paying commissions through our established network and gain insights into our proven affiliate marketing strategies. You'll also learn the secrets of our TikTok business growth and our tutorials will guide each step you take. For any hurdles encountered, our impeccable support team is at your disposal.

Cost plans are flexible - explore with our free 14-day trial, and consider monthly, or annual options. Empower your e-commerce journey today with BeamedGroup!

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Tiktok Guide

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Affiliate Deals
Through our network we will connect you to sellers that will pay you higher commission for being apart of BeamedGroup!
Course Access
Learn our secrets to how we scaled our TikTok Business. Our step-by-step tutorials will have you on your way.
Proven Strategy Insights
Benefit from our proven affiliate marketing strategies that have brought success to many businesses.
1-on-1 Support
Access to our amazing support team who will help you solve any issues you may face.
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2 months ago
They helped me successfully launch my first Tiktok shop for creator account and achieve my first commission based sale on the platform.
What is Beamed Group?
Beamed Group is an innovative company founded by two experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully transitioned their marketing expertise to TikTok. Our foundation is built upon our achievements both within and beyond TikTok, aiming to empower other young entrepreneurs to carve out their own success stories through TikTok Shop and broader sales strategies.
What is the mission of Beamed Group?
Our mission is to inspire and assist young entrepreneurs in leveraging TikTok Shop and other sales avenues to create their own opportunities and achieve success in the digital marketplace.
How can Beamed Group help me as an entrepreneur?
Beamed Group offers strategic guidance and practical insights on utilizing TikTok for business growth. Whether you're looking to enhance your presence on TikTok Shop or seeking general sales advice, our expertise in e-commerce and affiliate marketing can help you navigate the path to success.
What is our refund policy?
If you are not happy with your initial purchase within 2 days of purchase will refund you with no questions asked.
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Beamed Group
Social Media β€’ TikTok

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Leveraging more than a decade of expertise in affiliate marketing, our seasoned team has masterfully utilized our profound knowledge and advanced skills to generate over seven figures in online revenue.

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