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Premium NRL Betting Community

Keen on a massive Punters Club?

I’m starting a Punters Club/Community all its gunna cost to become a member is $5 per week. Currently offering 7 day trial!

🤔What do you get?🤔

There will be a monthly members cash draws, various comps (FTS comp’s) and when we reach enough members we will act as a real punters club allocating a portion of monthly subscriptions on bets chosen by members. Admin team will handle placing the bets and all profits go back to the community in prizes or giveaways.

All members will also recieve content from my premium channel 30 minites prior to each game along with content from other in house tipsters like The Undertaker Matt O'keefe, AFL tipper Dan and our resident Olympian who covers MMA.

The idea is to create a punting community that gives back to its members, provides punting related content and helps teach members how to be successful on the punt long term.

At first it’ll be costing way more then it’ll make, which comes from me. That’s just to be transparent, you’ve all helped me grow my platform and on top of the thousands I’ve given away in premium groups over the years im looking to give back here to get something started.

🌏Join the Community🌏

Engagement and discussion highly encouraged, being a part of a punting community with like minded punters to discuss all things sport, cheers on your bets and craft cooked Multis. Zero trolling policy policed heavily.

Of course these potential to win money and get some premium content but the banter and being apart of a group is a huge part of it.

🚨Wanna start your trial?🚨

Any questions slide into my DM’s or hit the comments 📮.

Cheers Benny 🍻

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Bennys Best Bets
Premium NRL Sports Betting Subscription. Providing key gambling strategies promoting long term success.
Early lines
I’m all over the market so you don’t have to be. Pricing lines often as they drop so you can get a good edge.
Best prices
I work hard to find the best prices the market has to offer so you get the best return on your investment
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5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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17 days ago
Great community, great tips.
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3 months ago
benny is the goat
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3 months ago
Loving the tips and great community
How many tips will you post?
It depends on what is offered by the market. Generally it’ll be 1-3 per game but every now and then the best play will be no play. It’s all value dependent.
What’s your staking size?
Predominantly 1-1.5 units per tip, I will suggest a stake with each bet. Rule of thumb I like to get minimum 1 unit return per bet. Rarely go above 3 units per wager.
What are your results?
2022: +132 units 2023: +69 units I do have a link to a spread sheet showing all previous bets just message me.
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Bennys Best Bets
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