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AI Generated Sports Picks
Get daily picks generated by our AI system
Money Back Guarentee
We offer a risk free 100% money back guarantee for new members (check FAQ for more information)
Long-Term Growth Strategy
We focus on long-term bankroll growth and creating a second source of income
Bankroll Managment
We inform you what % of your bankroll to place on each bet & provide hedge stratagies to minimize risk
Sports Coverage
We cover all major sports year-round, This includes: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB
Daily Recaps
We post daily results on social media and in our server
Easy-To-Use Interface
We provide an easy to use server that everyone can enjoy
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Customer reviews
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(53 reviews)
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KO hahaboomer#0555
5d ago
Very good customer service, one of the best I’ve personally experienced in a very long time, very satisfied
Purchased Monthly Membership 3 months ago
User avatar
5d ago
Best AI sports betting frrr! these guys are consistent with their bets and we’ve never had a negative month. honestly made so much money. definitely can change many peoples lives!!!
Purchased Bi-Weekly Membership 3 months ago
User avatar
5d ago
Best AI betting frrr! everything is organized and they haven’t missed a day since starting this discord! haven’t had a negative month ever
Purchased Monthly Membership 17d ago
How does the AI work?
We utilize AI technology to assist us in finding bets with the best statistical odds of winning. The AI uses Recent team, Player and Injury history as well as other factors including where the game is taking place & the weather if the game is played outdoors. By using this data the AI provides predictions on what team is statistically more likely to win.
What makes BetLuxuryPro different then other servers?
Most servers have multiple cappers that each play 30+ bets daily... At BetLuxuryPro we have ONE high quality AI that does ALL our picks. This make the user experience as easy as possible and focuses on consistent bankroll growth that compounds over time and insures that our members aren't overwhelmed by a ridicules amount of bets.
How Is Sports Betting Similar To Stock Trading?
Personally I look at sports betting like stock trading, we have our ups and downs but in the long run we make very large returns in comparison to something like the S&P 500 and often times out perform Bitcoin. Sports betting has a much lower barrier of entry then stock trading and doesn't require you to read charts all day. Simply follow our callouts and risk management strategies and you will out perform most stock investments.
What does it mean to focus on long-term bankroll growth?
Our growth system is designed to provide a steady source of income. We achieve this by using various risk management strategies while also utilizing the power of AI to find picks with the best statistical odds for success. We also recommend members to allow their bankroll to compound so they can make more and more money as time goes by. This is NOT a get rich quick, We focus on getting a consistent return that compounds overtime
What Is The Money Back Guarantee?
We offer a risk free 100% money back guarantee to first month members that don't profit from our server within their first month of joining (Must Follow ALL bets & our exact risk management strategies)
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BetLuxuryPro AI
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

53 reviews

As a long-time sports bettor I became tired of constantly losing bets due to Human emotions & misjudgment. To solve this problem I've developed an AI system which compiles the last 5 years of sports data to find bets with the best statistical odds of winning. It takes into account Recent Team, Player & Injury history to assist with finding the best picks & Minimizing risk. (All purchases are final)

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