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BIG Crypto

(6 reviews)

Your Final Crypto Community.

BIG Crypto Pro Discord Server ⚑️ - Join our exclusive community for advanced crypto enthusiasts! Dive deep down the DeFi rabbit hole and gain access to a community with Weekly Crypto Catch Up Calls completely FREE for 7 days, then invest only $97/mo. You'll gain access to daily market updates, low cap gem alerts, high yield farming alerts, and weekly crypto updates so you never fall behind. The power of collaborative crypto investing is massive, this space moves too fast to do it alone πŸš€

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Discord access

Weekly Crypto Catch Up Calls
Come hangout with us every Wednesday at 12 pm EST for our Crypto Catch Up Call. Good Vibes Guaranteed
Low Cap Gem Alerts
Get Well-Researched Low Market Cap Narrative Based Coins dropped right into your lap. No Shit Coins. Think Penny Stocks
High Yield Farming Alerts
Stop stressing over finding the latest High APY Liquidity Pools (that are safe). Let us find them for you.
Endless Airdrop Alerts
Stop missing out on Airdrops. We know how to maximize airdrop opportunities. Let us give you the playbook.
Ecosystem Chats/Forums
Ethereum, Cosmos, Arbitrum, Alternative Layer 1 Chains... We've got you covered
Market Outlook
Both Fundamental & Technical Analysis provided plus articles and news for you to continue your own due diligence.
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Customer reviews
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3 months ago
At Big Crypto you will find a community of people with excellent skills who help you go beyond and break free from standard thinking. Additionally, they constantly share alpha thoughts that allow you to stay ahead of different market narratives. The community is ready to welcome new members with zero knowledge of crypto as well as experienced investors, as you will find an excellent level of expertise within it and have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge through mutual feedback.
Purchased 3 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
Tbh probably best discord you'll find. Literally anything from beginner to expert. They have the most well thought and organized discord group, with channels for everything. CuriousJ is a monster, he is there almost 24/7 ready to help. It's money well spent since I can get all my information, alpha, and assistance there. I have made my money back through their info they post like low cap gems, or airdrops. The recent mav airdrop paid for 7 months of this course in the first month lol.
Purchased 3 months ago
User avatar
3 months ago
Amazing group!! So much valuable info!! Love the endless airdrop strategy they share
Purchased 3 months ago
Why should we trust you?
For starters, I don't expect you to trust us till you experience what we've built. Hence the Free Trial. But here's more info about us: - We have over 100+ Active Paying Clients - We are trusted to speak on stages all over the world about Web3 - We've consulted Web3 Projects with millions of $$$ in funding - We run one of the only retail focused web3 consulting companies that's focused on educating the masses. - We have been just as active in the bear market as we were in the bull market
Who runs BIG Crypto?
Check our socials to judge our level of knowledge of crypto Ryan Horst: www.instagram.com/ryanhorst_ Joni Zhuleku: www.twitter.com/curious__J
How do you maintain Discord Quality?
Our Discord Pro is not our front-end offer. Our 1-1 Consulting Program is our front-end product. Our clients get educated through our mentorship experience before finally dropping into our Discord Pro.
Should I try it out?
I truly believe we've built a special community here of like-minded individuals. We even hosted an in-person mastermind, event as shown in our photos. If you'd like to be a part of of a crypto community that genuinely has your best interest at heart, we would love for you to try us out so we can earn your trust.
What's your refund policy?
We don't offer refunds. Use the Free Trial, be responsible for your own time management to determine if you'd like to stay or not.
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BIG Crypto
Trading β€’ Crypto

6 reviews

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When clients join BIG Crypto, and they become active in the community, they don't leave. Join us to find out why.

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