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Biz Pickz = Strictly Business

Discord community access gives you access to the community of Biz Pickz players to discuss daily plays, picks, games, and sports generally. It provides you a direct place for all the hot topics in sports. You only receive access to the Community Discussion and Direct Communication features below.

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You Can Win!
That’s right. Participate enough in the Community discord to win prizes such as premium access, promos, and rewards!
Direct Communication
Biz Pickz is always here to discuss picks, analysis, and any questions with regard to the Discord.
Player Props
We find the best player props for the day for you to maximize your opportunities.
Daily Bets
Classic bets and plays for the best matchups of the day.
Analysis and Insights
We provide our thought process, the stats, and the foundation for making the picks. To tail or not to tail 🧐
Community Discussion
Chime in. Talk your ish. Let’s hear from you. Engage with others. This is your space.
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(1 reviews)
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5 months ago
Loved the subscription. Plays and picks are well researched before placing. The community tab is nice where people can communicate and share their plays or even just talk in general. Server is set up very nicely. Owner seems to be very vocal with clients. Overall a great server. Worth buying.
Why $20?
Consider it this way. One $5 bet that hits will win your money back on a basic two player prizepick/underdog bet. We dedicate our time to finding you the best and want you to win way more than this!!!
Can I get picks for free?
Yes. There are two ways: first, we post free picks on our socials. Second, we provide a 7 day free trial to new members. No strings attached. However, premium plays and detailed analysis are both in the discord.
Can I discuss picks and plays in the discord?
YES! This is what separates us. We want your insight and to provide a place for our members to engage with each other. You get this with the free sign up but have more abilities and permissions with premium picks.
Can I upgrade from free access to premium access at any time?
Yes! You can even do the opposite. No pressure at all. However, the one month charge will still apply and be effective until the next billing period.
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Biz Pickz
Sports Picks • General

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Biz Pickz was founded on the principle of providing easy access to sports discussion. Our mission is to provide a community of individuals who love sports and engaging in analysis on daily picks and performances. Our vision is to be the premier space for sports fans. Problem gambling? Visit this website for direct resources: https://www.ncpgambling.org/help-treatment/about-the-national-problem-gambling-helpline/

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