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Bookie Burners

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A premium Discord community for sports bettors. Let's burn down the house.

Bookie Burners free tier willl introduce you to our sports betting community including free tips, pick reccomendations, and research for your next wager.

You can proceed to gain access by selecting "free once" for free access.

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Bookie Burners - Free Member

VIP Capper Picks
Gain access to premium picks curated by carefully selected and vetted cappers.
VIP Pick Recaps
We transparently track our Capper Picks and post recaps showing our wins and losses to help you decide who to tail.
VIP Sweatshop
This is where our VIP parlays and long shots go. Let's sweat out some fun parlays together!
Enjoy the resources and picks, but belong to something bigger. We are building a community designed for everyone to win.
Affiliate Program
VIP members will enjoy the opportunity to earn 30% of any referrals MONTHLY! RECURRING INCOME!
VIP Research (Coming Soon)
Create your own plays as you are on your journey to become a profitable bettor or let us do some of the legwork for you.
VIP Cheatsheets (Coming Soon)
Get the important data in easy to digest cheatsheets for games, player matchup, and more!
Too Many Features To List!
You'll find many more features in the Discord than we can possibly list here! Our best asset? Our community. Come chat!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(13 reviews)
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5 months ago
New but pure 🔥🔥🔥! All the cappers know their stuff, and they are helping people cash night in and night out! For the low price of less than $1/Day, I honestly don’t know a Discord that’s doing it better. Get in here NOW, and quit missing out on free money!
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5 months ago
Solid hits worth the price forsure
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5 months ago
Great and helpful community. Cappers are always quick to reply to questions, and most importantly their picks cash!!
Will I get rich quick?
This community is not centered around getting rich quick. Sports betting is gambling. Use our pick recommendations, research, and knowledge to put yourself in the best position possible to be consistently profitable.
How many of your bets will be winners?
Nobody can win 100% of the time and if someone is guarunteeing wins, something is a little bit fishy. We will track our bets and profitability in a fully transparent manner with the community. Join now and see for yourself.
Are you just selling picks?
Absolutely not. We will be providing pick recommendations but the goal will be to give you the information and analysis necessary for you to decide if you want to follow our recommendations or even come up with plays of your own! Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers. Let's come together and make some great picks! We don't want to be a "selling picks" first community. We want to be a hub for information and community first and foremost.
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Bookie Burners
Sports Picks • General

13 reviews

A premium Discord Community for sports bettors.

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