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Brand Builderz

The #1 Clothing Brand Server in the Industry...

$53 monthly LEGENDZ TIER includes:
⁃ One monthly calls
⁃ In DEPTH Marketing,Sales,Production,Design
⁃ Central chat with other likeminded individuals!
⁃ 100k Brand funding 0% APR
⁃ Work w/ Lordknows Team
⁃ 6-7 Figure brand resources
⁃ Payment processing resources
⁃ Access to Prince Makaveli Directly
⁃ Chat w/ 6-8 Fig Clothing brand owners
⁃ TikTok Ad glitch strategies for clothing brands

  • UNTAPPED IG Marketing play prints $$$
    ⁃ Scaling strategies ($100K/Day EXACT strategies)
    ⁃ Supreme/Bape/Palace Skateboard Suppliers
  • All that & much more!
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Brand Builderz
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1 Clothing Brand Discord In The 🌎 | Giving Out Sauce Not Givin Online | Top 6-7-8 Figure Brand Owners In The Game 📦

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