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Bravo Six Picks

(69 reviews)

The #1 Veteran-Owned Sports Betting Community on Whop

We help you WIN & make MONEY

πŸ‘‘ Bravo Six Picks gives your sports betting a statistical edge to earn you more profitable returns.

πŸ† Gain the upper-hand with our researched daily picks and expert intel from our seasoned Sports Analysts. Stay tuned with year-round coverage of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, and E-Sports.

πŸ’° If you're looking to elevate your fantasy sports betting to the next level, let Bravo Six Picks take you there. Get access and try it out for FREE, at no risk today!

⭐️ VIP Membership (3 Pricing Plans) Receive 10-15 premium picks from our 5x Analysts and unlimited access to the VIP Sections of our Server

🚨 Please sign up with your discord account on Whop for the most accessible access to our server.

Terms and Conditions: All sales are final. No refunds or cancellations once the order has been placed. Cancellation must be received before the renewal date in order to avoid charge for next subscription period.

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Winning Researched Picks
Gain access to our VIP picks, meticulously researched and curated by our 5x expert analysts for the best odds of winning
Expert Analysts
Our handpicked Analysts pass a competitive 7-day Qualification Program and must maintain a Win Rate of 70% or higher
Longterm Profitability
70% of our picks win, ensuring you a profitable outcome over the longterm when combined with smart bankroll management
Active & Supportive Community
Gain access to the VIP sections of our Server where you can chat with other members and share your picks and wins
Bankroll Management
Learn how to properly manage your bankroll to ensure you keep making money and grow your bank account
Customer Q&A
Q: Where do receive the picks ?
A: Picks are sent in the "B6 Commander" and "B6 Operators" channels.
Asked on Apr 22, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(69 reviews)
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3d ago
Bravo Six Picks has revolutionized my sports betting experience with their expert predictions and valuable insights. In just four days of following their betting picks, I have witnessed a remarkable increase in my winnings. The accuracy and consistency of their predictions have been a game-changer, enabling me to make informed and profitable bets. The variety of sports covered ensures that there are opportunities for betting enthusiasts in different fields. Bravo Six Picks' meticulous research and comprehensive analysis have proven to be instrumental in maximizing my profits and minimizing risks. Overall, Bravo Six Picks stands out as a top choice for sports bettors looking to enhance their success rate and financial gains in a short span of time.
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5d ago
What separates this discord from some of the others is the structure and professionalism. It gives a vibe that can be appreciated by young and old. All the mods are super cool and very interactive. First I gravitated towards Boosh. As a mod, he answered my questions and help me understand until he took his leave. A1 service from him. Since his absence, Beast has been my mod of choice. Same professionalism, very interactive, and assist in any way reasonable. The all seeing eye Bravo 6 has put together a well oiled machine with this discord.
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7d ago
Just started playing around with prizepicks/chalkboard recently and out of all the 7 discord groups that I've joined, this one has been the most consistent and transparent. Definately gonna be upgrading to the Annual membership once I get my bank roll up more ^_^
How do I access the Discord?
After you purchase a membership, you will be prompted to claim discord access. Claim the access and connect your discord to Whop. You will automatically be added into the server.
How are the picks delivered in the Discord?
VIP Members, picks are posted in the "B6 Operators" channels daily.
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Bravo Six Picks
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69 reviews

Bravo Six Picks Analysts' winning method give members a statistical edge resulting in profitable returns over the long-term.

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