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The Cantina

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The Premium Amazon FBA Group

Join a comfortable waiting room where you're able to ask any of our staff questions you may have about the server at a premium level.

A special treat for our Amazon sellers, we offer a basic getting started guide as well as some of the tools we recommend using to get started.

We're Amazon focused on building your success but giving you a bit of everything. Join us today at The Cantina FBA group.

Please note, that you will not be getting access to everything on the server, it is a waiting room with a sneak peek of what we offer.

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Amazon FBA
Join our elite team of 6-figure Amazon FBA experts and kickstart your success journey!
Sneaker Flips
We have the best sneaker monitors in the game and with experts to help start your reselling journey never miss a restock
Sports Betting
Daily calls are made inside the group for every sport. UFC, Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball
Ticket Calls
Calls for all the trending events that will make you money with the top providers
Comics | Funko | Vinyl | Cards
All of the hottest collectibles are made aware to the group before release
Endless Monitors
More monitors than you can count. Customizable for pings, always up to date on the latest flips
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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2 months ago
Staff extremely patient and helpful. Very fast on exclusive deals. Love the community and very worth the price
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2 months ago
Amazing group. The most genuine and nicest people I have ever met.
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3 months ago
Awesome staff and sports betting is my favorite way of making extra money on the side from this server!
How can I benefit from joining the Cantina FBA Group?
By joining our group you're joining a network of other rising Amazon sellers, get private coaching from 7 figure sellers, and get access to guides and tools you need to become a successful Amazon Seller.
I'm new to selling on Amazon can you help?
Yes, we have a full getting started module for members who haven't even made an Amazon account yet and put you on the fast track to making profitable sales.
About the seller
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The Cantina FBA
E-Commerce β€’ FBA

7 reviews

Be a part of the best Cook Group out there! If you want it we have it. Join THE Amazon Selling group, where we've taken people who didn't even have an Amazon account, to sell over $10,000 worth of products in the first 30 days. We have several providers looking for deals and profitable flips Daily! You will never run out of things to flip! Online or In-Store! Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly sneaker release calendars. Our unparalleled wealth of information outpaces other sneaker servers, shaping your ultimate sneaker journey. Who says watching sports can't be profitable? With our reliable providers, enjoy the games you love while making money! With our expert guidance on presales, ticket news, and market trends, we lead you toward profitable ticket flips. Unsure where to start? Let us ignite your path to high-profit potential. With us, leverage FBA to skyrocket your business and earnings. Your launchpad to success awaits! πŸš€ So much more!

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