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The Wise Guys

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🩸 Where Business Becomes Family

Upgrade to Made Man.

Membership + Course + Solutions

Inside The Wise Guys you'll have everything you need to scale your business and achieve your aspirations of $10K+ days, financial independence, and a lifelong skill set.

You will be able to have everything covered from A to Z because of the Full Stack Solutions that are exclusive offered through the high level network of The Wise Guys. No more headaches, we got you covered while you scale to new heights. We got you from the start with the course, and to the finish with all our insider secret solution plugs.

Uncertain where to begin?

The Made Man Course breaks Ecom down step by step. One of the most extensive courses in the game, with industry experts recording their own chapter. From crafting a highly converting store to mastering product research methods, ad creation, and team building, we cover it all.

Private Discord & What's App Community, the place where you’ll be able to ask any questions you have and network with other made men. You’ll be supported by the best in the game.

Need best Ecom solutions? We’ll provide you with our premium network and premium service.

The WG2.0 is here for everything and everyone. Just commit and ask.

The Made Man Course includes...

• Foundational dropshipping principles • Navigating data and markets • Store building (Part 1 & Part 2) • Efficient fulfillment strategies • Effective product research techniques • Facebook Mastery (Part 1 & Part 2) • Email & SMS Marketing tactics • The supremacy of content • Superior customer service practices • Strategic team development • Optimal company structure • Financial mastery • Plus a Bonus

Content will be added on a regular basis. You will also find many info docs, and excel spreadsheets inside.

Become a made man, and join the family.


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Made Man Membership

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Online course

Made Man Course

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Online course

Made Man Resources

E-commerce Strategy Insights
Unlock the secrets of successful e-commerce business with our expert guidance and advices.
Access to Solution Plugs
Take advantage of our special plugs offering services that help streamline your ecommerce operations.
Live AMA Sessions
Participate in live AMA sessions where you can ask questions, get advice, and learn from proven legends in the space.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(54 reviews)
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13 days ago
One of the best purchases in my journey so far! Most of the time quite sceptic about courses but took the leap of faith and it was the right thing. Great course which is being updated constantly to stay up-to-date. But for me the community you join is worth the most. 997 dollar is a no-brainer. Advice, value nuggets and content that has been shared in just a couple of weeks is worth far more than the 997 dollar. You can feel the Wise Guys team is cooking, only aiming to be the best. Glad to have found them. Thanks Wise Guys <3
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13 days ago
Best ecommerce community ever. Wise guys is not something that just got big but since I started ecommerce wise guys has always helped me. Now they have come back stronger than ever to take everyone to the next level. I have only been in it for 1 week now but have already gotten so much value that has helped me move forward. I can confidently say this is the best community out there right now. Made men to the top!
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14 days ago
Great valeu and everyone is willing to help each other. Happy that I have joined.
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The Wise Guys
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54 reviews

🩸 Where Business Becomes Family

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