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85% Win rate • Beginner Friendly Discord • Learn Today for Free.

Get the exact signals I take on my trades every time I see a good setup in the market, helping you make informed decisions in the markets. 85% WIN RATE

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Trading Signals (85% Win Rate)
Learn and Earn with Chadio. get alerted when I am about to take a trade. Make money with me. Simple
TONS of Free Resources
One-stop shop to learn everything you need to start making money as a Day Trader.
Weekly Content
New videos and lessons regularly uploaded voted on by the community.
Mobile Support
Using the Whop mobile app, easily access the DayTradingMastery courses on the go!
Chart Breakdowns
Have the charts broken down by Chadio in its simplest form that even a 1st grader could understand.
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3 months ago
Chadios Mini course is really good, really good information. plus can’t beat that it’s free.
Can you pass my funded challenge?
No, I won't pass it for you. However, I've had students who have used my signals to pass challenges.
Should I already know how to trade?
No, you don’t need any experience in trading since this discord is specifically designed for people who don’t know anything about Day Trading or know the basics and want to take their strategy to the next level.
Do I have to be at least 18 to trade legally?
You can learn the strategy and be profitable with it and then trade with a real account in the name of a family member of legal age
How long do I have access to the course lessons?
After your purchase, you’ll have access to the programs forever.
What is your legal disclaimer?
DISCLAIMER: Neither the Day Trading Mastery brand or Chad Epps are registered investment advisors. Nothing expressed on this page or program should be relied upon for investment decisions. Nothing on this page, nor any video, text, or any media by Chad Epps or the Day Trading Mastery Brand is investment advice in any form. Everything stated on this page, or any video, text, picture, or post on any platform is for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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Trading • Investing

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With over 3+ years of trading experience, and several extra zeroes in my bank account, I've been able to turn trading from a fun hobby into one of my largest income streams. I'm here to help you do the same.

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