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Cheese & Fran +EV

(12 reviews)

Yes we can!

Take your sports betting to the next level with a community of like-minded gamblers dedicated to helping each other profit off of every sportsbook. Combined over $60k in total winnings in 2023 between Cheese & Fran tracked independently by Pikkit.

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+EV Accounts
Live feed of +EV boosts and other sports bets posted on X by vetted accounts in our exclusive Discord server.
+EV Notifications
Receive notifications instantaneously of +EV bets, boosts, and promotions on your specific sportsbooks in our server.
+EV Resources
There are a plethora of +EV resources at your disposal exclusively in our private Discord server of VIPs.
Cheese & Fran X Posts Feed
Get instant updates on all of Cheese and Fran's bets posted on X in our server.
CNM & Probit Bots
Exclusive access to CrazyNinjaMike's sportsbook devigger and Probit scale bots to help determine if a bet is +EV or not.
News Channels
Receive real-time +EV related news updates directly on our exclusive Discord server.
Unique Emojis
Get access to a hundred special emojis that are unique to our exclusive Discord server.
Fun Name Colors
In our exclusive Discord server, there are several self-assignable roles that give you a fun name color.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(12 reviews)
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20 days ago
good vibes and good plays all around. crazy good value
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4 months ago
Cheese and fellow contributors are extremely nice, sharp, and dedicated to their craft. They provide a very good volume of vetted plays and a very good choice.
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6 months ago
great group!
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Cheese & Fran +EV
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

12 reviews

This product is for people looking to gain an edge on the sportsbooks with countless +EV boosts, promotions, straight and parlay bets, futures, and much more on every single sport. Access all of Cheese, Fran, and other affiliates' plays.

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