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Chef City Inc.

(24 reviews)

Chef City Inc: Your Trusted Sneaker ACO & Freebies Partner! Join our family, save time & maximize profits with automated checkouts and discounts.

$10 per month on first account

  • $5 per month each additional account

Amazon Freebie's is monthly subscription to access our Amazon Discount/Freebie Item's. Utilizing there amazon aacount's to Monitor Freebies while they continue there day. Member's have seen great success from this product. Service also come's with full access to our ACO channel's, cooking all major Sneaker Release's, Low Key flip's, Funko drops and more!!

  • Partnerships with top tier VCC provider's like Slash VCC
  • 24/7 support in profile/account building and VCC set up

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Amazon Freebie's

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Amazon freebies!!!

Chef City Loop Bot
Gain access to profitable loops, one command an you can make your monthly membership fee's in min.
Discounted ACO Services
We use advanced bots and trusted staff to boost your chances of copping sneakers for minimal fees.
Nike ACO (release & restock)
We supply what you need for a complete hand's off experience for those with little time, or just bulk sell
Amazon Freebie ACO
Special ACO for free Amazon items based on your preferences, saving you time & money.
Discount/Retail Monitoring
Our monitors diligently scan for discount codes and deals, guaranteeing you access to the steals
Weekly giveaways on discord nitro, free ACO, handmade accounts, and much more
Personalized Support
Our team offers tailored guidance for your specific needs, ensuring success in your reselling journey.
Free Food Bot
35 site's, Account generation sent to your Dm's. Not only that we give you the method for each, the gift of knowledge
Customer Q&A
Q: hi! I wanted to know how often do you post Aco services? thanks!
A: Hello! We usually have members utilize our ACO services on all small & major releases. If we dont post a form for a release you would like ACO for then you can request it in the server! Jake.
Asked on Aug 12, 2023
Q: Hey there I had a question regarding getting who should I message or speak with?
A: How can i help you?
Asked on Sep 28, 2023
Q: I'l like to speak to the owner if possible discord - Brooksy#2982
A: Hey Brooksy! You can contact the owner by messaging "williamtheartist" via discord. Jake
Asked on May 30, 2023
Q: Is this UK based?
A: Not yet
Asked on Apr 18, 2024
Customer reviews
4.96 out of 5
(24 reviews)
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4 months ago
5 star group, provide great support and consistently adding new profitable ways to make money!
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4 months ago
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7 months ago
good support and server is constantly being improved. Good prices also. I recommend joining their aco
Do you only offer ACO?
-No, we offer a lot more. We provide profitable low key leads and release info to utilize our server to be as efficient as possible towards gaining profit's for our member's. We offer release predictions, release recaps, and recommended bot's to run. We supply info for the Experienced to the Novice botter. For those new to the craft, we can help you safely secure the bot that best fit's what you need πŸ§‘πŸΌβ€πŸ³
Do you run any other Site's?
Yes we do, we run most every profitable release including our main service, SNEAKER'S!! At this time we are the only ACO provider running Nike/Snkr release's. We also have a suggestion's channel an we try to fill all order's. We aim to to make ACO more efficient to maximize your profitability.
About the seller
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Chef City Inc.
Reselling β€’ Collectibles

24 reviews

Chef City Aims to Provide A Top Tier Trusted ACO Server That Prides Itself On It's Family Community And Bridging The Gap Between Customer And Client. We have a passion for Automating profitable loop's to make them more efficient, profitable and save us time. OFFERING BOUNTY PAYOUT FOR YOUR IDEAS. We will put your dreams into action. Amazon Freebies is a service we offer giving you an opportunity to have your account entered into a software that monitors the site for discount code's.Not only do we run for freebies but we also run for discounted items also. Any Question's please feel free to ask our trusted staff with a combined 30 years experience

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