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CTC - Clever Trading Concepts

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Only Gangster Trading Here! None of that Weak Stuff.

Come Join Us In Our Trading Journey and Grow Together.

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Trading Plans and Signals
We Trade FX, CFD (US30, US100, and more), GOLD, and Crypto. Receive quality trading plans and signals.
Like Minded Community
Vibe with like-minded traders. Share trade ideas and resources and let's grow together.
Recieve Fundamental Analysis
With our fundamental research done for you. Have an edge over other traders who only focus on technical analysis.
Recieve Technical Analysis
ICT SMC is our bread and butter but we have unique approaches to diverse trading strategies.
Other Income Source
Want to start a business or generate extra income while you trade? We share ideas on how to generate additional income.
Exclusive Trading Education
Recieve exclusive trading education and learn how to trade yourself.
Automated Tools and Resources
Learn how you can leverage automated tools and resources to better your trade.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Wow.... the best investment i’ve ever made in my forex education. Very thorough and detailed. CTC clearly know what they’re doing.. they do not miss a simple detail. After day 2 of the course, i caught 3 1:3 RR trades, which sounded ridiculous prior to sitting with the greats. Been through 6 mentorships after 2 years of trading, only began to understand the market after this one, 100% my last mentorship, this experience was truly life changing and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s serious about actually conquering any market. I really wish I could give infinite stars.
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2 months ago
The free value Brian gives out alone is worth more than some of the paid trading groups out there!! He answers all my questions and puts out solid trade ideas and analysis. I would definitely recommend CTC to whoever is interested in learning to trade.
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3 months ago
So far so good! I has plenty of trading resources and info. Great place to learn and connect with other traders.
What strategies are used to general analysis and signals?
It is a combination of ICT SMC, and our unique approaches using algorithms and fundamentals.
How can I use the trading resources to better my trades?
I often share fundamental data 90% Traders overlook, probably the reason why 90% loses money. What these data shows is a long term direction an asset will most likely heading and as long as we are inline with the smart money, we will get our trades more right than wrong.
Do you offer account management or trade copier?
We live in Canada so we are trying out best to offer the best services to you guys while being compliant with the authorities. Therefore we cannot manage other people's money and signals and analysis we offer is for educational purpose.
Do you offer any free tools and automated tools?
Yes, any automated EA or tools I share, Please try them out in DEMO first! Make sure you get comfortable using it, and develop a system around it.
What do I get with a Discord VIP+ membership?
you will get accurate trade analysis and resources as well as exclusive education to help you make better trading decisions.
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Clever Trading Concepts
Trading • Technical Analysis

3 reviews

At CTC - We are committed to building a strong trading community and sharing clever ways to trade the financial markets. We mainly focus on US30 and US100 but we are an expert in trading the Forex, GOLD, and Crypto markets. I hope you are ready, we have the good stuff in here!

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