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Learn HOW to make your first $10,000 on the internet with NO RISK.

By upgrading, you instantly get access to the following:

The #1 Rated TikTok Creator Rewards Program Focused Course

➰ 0 Follower Loophole: This allows you to join the program with 0 followers.

➿ Location Loophole: This allows you to join the program from anywhere in the world.

🤕 Remove Unoriginality Risk: Techniques to prevent unoriginality strikes. If you just get 5 you can get removed from the porgram, this is no joke. We take lesson this very seriously.

💪🏻 RPM on Steroids: Techniques for getting an abnormally high RPM rate. This is how much TikTok pays you per thousand views, so we also take this very very seriously.

🤑 Golden Niche Criteria: Max's criteria to identify profitable niches consistently.

🚀 Live Niche Research With Max: Watch Max use his golden niche criteria to find potentially profitable niches live.

🎥 In-Depth Niche Tutorials: Using the niches Max finds in the live niche research session, Max edits alongside you, showing you exactly how he would go about abliterating the competition in each niche.

📈 Ultimate Scaling Technique: Learn how to automate your account. This will allow you to literally earn in your sleep for months on end. Also, it opens up doors to further scale as you have more time that can be allocated in other places.

Plus, 1 on 1 Mentorship With Max:

🤝 Performance Guarantee: Follow Max's proven framework for just 7 days, and if you don't reach 1,000,000 views, you get a full refund.

📞 Weekly Support Calls With Max: These calls are held in our private VC every single week at 5pm EST. Each one last for about 1 hour and they are also recorded and placed in our call recordings channel. During these calls you can ask Max and our success managers any questions you may have directly.

💬 Constant Support In Private Chat: Max and the success managers are extremely active in private chat. 9 out of 10 times, we can get your questions answered very quickly if you arent able to make the weekly calls.

🛒 CRP Account Marketplace: To ensure that everyone who joins is able to access the CRP, you also receive instant access to our account marketplace.

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CRP Course (Rated #1)

Private Community
Access to our private community.
Maxs Framework
This is the framework that you only need to follow for 7 days and youll get 1m views or money back.
Weekly Masterminds
Get your answers directly answered by Max and our success managers.
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4.53 out of 5
(72 reviews)
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3d ago
I've just finished this Clipium course on the TikTok CRP and how to grow, and it was amazing. The course material is very well structured, the coverage is also very comprehensive, and it's perfectly executed to make you a pro. It goes deep into content creation, from conception of the idea/niche to understanding the fundamentals of the platform in a very digestible way. Thanks a lot, and lots of love, to Vertex from the support team, who not only helped a lot but was also an immense support in this learning curve. Vertex was outstanding with very brief, clear, and informative explanations, and also provided imagery that properly illustrated things that I needed too do while not overloading me with information, which really helped me a lot to go ahead. Their advice was always on point and truly invaluable in simplifying complex ideas. Without a doubt, I can say I recommend Clipium to everyone who is truly serious about TikTok, especially when it is coupled with such great course material and the support of their staff, such as Vertex.
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3d ago
If you want to start with Tiktok Automation or want to make even more money, I can only advise you to join Clipium. You get the most awesome niches, lots of video tutorials and great support. Vertex the moderator always answers you very quickly and helps you with every question. I can only advise you to join the group if you want to earn money.
User avatar
4d ago
If you’re looking for a community of people that are experts on the TikTok ins and outs well this is for you, as soon as you join you’re able to ask for help and are even given viral nieces daily and even viral ones all with tutorials on how to create them. You’re also able to get support within 30 mins of a message so you’re never left days on end without an answer. And they also have a great support team consisting of many people and even the amazing vertex who can help you achieve your targets/goals. Also there’re meetings held weekly discussing subjects and don’t worry as if you miss the call there’s always someone who has it recorded and can send you the meeting. Overall great community and great info for people of all skill levels.
What do you learn from the Creatity Program focused tutorials?
We teach the most viral formats of content that are eligible for the Creatity Beta Program, and show how they're made to extreme detail. These courses are also constantly being updated as the market changes.
What if I don't live in the Creativity Beta Program eligible countries? Will this inner circle still benefit me?
In short, yes. Essentially you can hire someone who resides in eligible countries to upload content on your behalf, with the understanding that they will receive a percentage of the revenue as compensation. It's important to note you can only apply for these available slots if you are part of the inner circle. This requirement is in place to ensure that those applying are certified editors committed to the opportunity. If youre not part of the inner circle, it may suggest that you may not be as dedicated to the role of an editor, and therefore, these slots may not be suitable for you.
Can I make 10k per month with this business model?
Short answer, yes. Achieving 10k with the Creativity Beta Program only requires 10 million views per month. With the knowledge you gain upon joining, this becomes straightforward unless for some reason stop. Our members have easily reached 5, 6 figures, and even millions as they continue to scale their accounts.
Is there an affiliate program for Clipium?
Yes. We offer a generous 40% recurring commission, which means you earn $12 per month for each sign-up until they cancel their membership.
Can I cancel my membership anytime I want to?
Yes. You can cancel the renewal in <membership settings> and when you do so, you won't get charged again.
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72 reviews

A TikTok Creativity Program Focused Community.

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