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The Collective

(89 reviews)

Make your first $10k with zero ad spend

You’re about to change your life forever.

Once you get inside, you’ll learn the secrets of making money online through TikTok without spending a dime on ads.

You start your journey from your first dollar online, to your first $10K month, to millionaire status.

You’ll be exposed to a community of people and resources for TikTok marketing that you didn’t know existed.

In 6 months, we’ve become one of the fastest growing Discord servers on Whop, with over 6,000 members.

Members ranging from teens making more than their parents, to college students managing teams of hundreds of people, millionaires under 25 & other individuals who want to grow on TikTok just like you.

Young men & women who are absolutely crushing it.

The Collective’s waiting for you.

You’ve made it this far.

You could turn back, but why would you?

See you on the inside.

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Discord access

20+ Hour Course
20+ hours of high level videos stacked with value.
Weekly Calls
Weekly live calls covering diffrent Tiktok related topics and exclusive special guests.
Exclusive Discord Community
A highly active discord community with multiple chat channels.
A job board to both find jobs as a tiktok creator and hire tiktok creators.
Trending Audios
Sounds that are currently trending that you can use for your own TikToks
Content Challenges
We giveaway prizes to anyone who can post every day for a month.
Private Supplier
Access to our private supplier for the best prices and shipping times.
VPN Solution
Our exclusive method to hit the US for you page even if you live outside of the country.
Customer question & answers
What’s your refund policy?
It's a digital info product so you can't really return the knowledge gained but... If you join and genuinely think it was of 0 value I'll GLADLY give you a refund lol Have only been requested like 3 times ever
Hi guys, do you have something jewelry related in this group, because I have small jewelry brand and I am struggling with sales.
Nothing specific to jewelry but our principles work for pretty much any type of brand. If anything too, I feel like just looking for jewelry brand strategies is not the way to do it!
do or can i get a certificate after i did the course ? so i can stop with my current school.
Yes of course. We are a certified university that is registered here in Ligma so you will be able to stop your current schooling. Our lead moderator Sugondese will be happy to get you a certificate once you join and finish the content!
Customer reviews
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1 month ago
Best discord for organic drophipping and very helpful people there.
Purchased 2 months ago
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1 month ago
I've been in this collective server for not even a week and I learned more about TikTok Organic than in 4 Months of studying it in other DC servers and YouTube. The collective is the one and only thing you need in order to succeed on TT organic and I can say that with 100% certainty. After joining you instantly have access to a big network of people who are crushing it and are kind enough to share their experiences and tips. You also instantly have access to all the secret sauce no one is talking about. You will find this information nowhere else I can tell you that. Literally all of the issues and problems I had with TikTok organic were solved within days, just by asking the awesome community or looking into the detailed collective course. This server is worth every penny and more!
Purchased 1 month ago
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Christian 🖤#5222
2 months ago
Best server in the world
Purchased 5 months ago
Is this community for brand owners?
Yes, this community is great for brand owners looking to make their brand go viral on Tiktok.
Is this community for dropshippers?
Yes, we have hundreds of dropshippers making money using Tiktiok for marketing inside the group.
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The Collective
Ecommerce • Dropshipping

89 reviews

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Welcome to The Collective! The Collective is a community of high level Tiktok marketing individuals. Created in early 2022 by Jimmy, Luca, and Cal.

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