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Corey's Coliseum

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87%+ ICT/SMC Winrate

Everything you need to become a profitable trader, where we simplify trading in the easiest-to-understand manner.

  • Simplified SMC/ICT education
  • Trade recaps
  • Daily market outlook/bias
  • Trades to study
  • Essential trading resources
  • Supportive like-minded community

My goal is to make this community the best group of traders in the world. All I ask is that you are respectful to everyone.

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Realtime Outlook & Alerts
Access to my own daily analysis and execution alerts
24/7 Support
Direct access to Corey's support - If messaging on Instagram: @thecoreytrades
Private Education
Learn Corey's 80%+ winrate strategy
Awesome Trading Community
Master the markets with some of the best people in the trading space
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5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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15d ago
I love how corey respond to every question and help members to become better traders. I have seen examples of his trading strategy and it is awesome. I am still learning but i can already se some progress
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15d ago
I love how for Corey this is a passion. He’s taken the time to help us out & break it down for us to really understand his strategy. If you’re looking for great mentorship/trades to learn this he’s the truth. Make one of your best decisions & come on in 📈
What's your refund policy?
If you purchase premium, you're in for a month. Serious traders only, no trials.
Do you alert your trades?
Yes, trade alongside me, as I offer my daily outlook, as well as the setups I am watching as soon as I see them.
About the seller
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Corey's Coliseum
Trading • General

2 reviews

Hey! I'm Corey. My mission with this trading group is to take you from wherever you are in your trading journey, and turn you into a profitable trader that will eventually have no need to learn anything else about trading.

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