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Creator Club

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Create Your Future Your Way.

Join the exclusive Creato® Club VIP Black Card holders and take your entrepreneurial success to the next level


➤ Daily Calls (3pm PST)

➤ Access To All VIP Recordings

➤ A-Z Dropshipping Course (60+ Videos)

  • Full In-Depth Videos
  • TikTok Virality


➤ Live Coaching Calls With Jeremy Ray Holst At 3pm PST ($10,000+ Value)

➤ 24/7 Support Chat

➤ Creato® Club VIP Private Chat Access (Premium Support)

➤ FREE Creator Merch (Only Available For VIP Members)

➤ Winning Product Drops (Viral & Making Sales)

➤ Trending TikTok Sounds (Higher Chance Of Going Viral)

➤ Dropshipping Guide

➤ TikTok Virality Guide (Learn How To Go Viral)

➤ Premium Resources

➤ Jeremy's Private Connections

  • Private Supplier
  • Shopify Website Design Team
  • Product Content Creation Team
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Discord access

VIP Black Card Holder®

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Online course

Creator VIP Course

24/7 In Chat Support
Get help anytime by messaging in the Members Only chat.
Daily Mentorship Calls
Jeremy Ray hosts daily mentorship calls for VIP members, to get help on anything they may need.
Winning Product Drops
Can't find any products to sell? Get access to winning products that are currently going viral and making sales!
Private Supplier Access
Access Jeremy's #1 recommended private supplier to get fast shipping on your Dropshipping store.
Jeremy Ray's Contact
On top of daily calls, you will also be able to message Jeremy Ray directly inside the exclusive VIP Members Only chat.
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Customer reviews
4.93 out of 5
(13 reviews)
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3 months ago
This is a TRUE A-Z program and discord. The insight and guidance alone is worth a ton. These people genuinely care about your success at a core level. Again, you'll receive a TON more than bargained for. Take advantage of this for sure.
Purchased VIP Black Card 3 months ago
User avatar
9 months ago
I really recommend you to buy vip. Vip has teached me a LOT. Just look at the price and next think how much you can make with that information and tips you are given by purchasing vip. 100% recommended
Purchased VIP Regular Card 9 months ago
User avatar
9 months ago
the course is amazing because Jeremy takes you step by step through the process. for someone who is so new to ECommerce, I already have my first shop setup all by myself. the VIP club is the best part because you get to talk and work with Jeremy directly on a daily/weekly basis and get real time feedback, advice and also incredible resources and information you cannot find anywhere else!
Purchased VIP Regular Card 9 months ago
What benefits do I receive as a member of the Creato® Club?
As a member of the Creato® Club, you'll receive exclusive access to winning products, private supplier connections, advanced scaling strategies, product selection optimization, daily one-on-one mentorship calls with expert entrepreneurs, premium Shopify store design, and access to a network of successful 7-8 figure entrepreneurs.
What's the difference between the Black Card & Regular VIP Access?
Both cards offer 24/7 chat support and 1 on 1 help from Jeremy Ray. The Black Card is a higher tier membership, costing $100 per month, and includes additional perks such as a free unreleased Creato® merch, daily live Q&A coaching calls, VIP Black Card Holder® status, and access to the full dropshipping course taught by Jeremy Ray. On the other hand, the VIP Club Card costs $19.99 per month and also gives access to the full dropshipping course & 3 live calls per week.
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Creator Chat
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As a Creato® Club member, you gain exclusive access to a plethora of benefits, including: Daily Access to Winning Products: Stay ahead of the competition with daily access to handpicked winning products, giving you a competitive edge in the market. Private Supplier Connections: Forge essential partnerships with trusted suppliers, ensuring a smooth and reliable supply chain for your business. Advanced Scaling Strategies: Unlock the true potential of your business with expert scaling strategies, propelling your growth to new heights. Product Selection Optimization: Make informed decisions with our product selection optimization guidance, leading to increased profitability and customer satisfaction. Personalized Mentorship: Experience unparalleled support through daily one-on-one mentorship calls with seasoned entrepreneurs, guiding you through challenges and opportunities. Premium Shopify Store Design: Upgrade your Shopify store with premium design services, elevating your brand's image and customer experience. Join a Network of Success: Become a part of an exclusive network comprising successful 7-8 figure entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and learning. Thriving Supportive Community: Feel the strength of a dedicated and growing community that is fully invested in your success, offering encouragement and insights. Ready to elevate your business game? Take charge of your success today by becoming a valued member of the Creato® Club. Jeremy Ray Holst (CEO & Founder) @Jeremyrayofficial

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