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Creator Cashflow

(59 reviews)

Start making a Full Time income on TikTok and learn from Full Time Creators making over $10,000 a month

Access to the free community section of our discord. Does not include courses, weekly calls, Account Marketplace or other paid sections of the discord.

Get to know us before joining by watching the video to the left <- and reading below

Not sure if you're ready to subscribe? Join this free section and check out whats going on, peep success from members, talk with the free community and ask members what value they find in subscribing.

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Free Community

Weekly Calls
Weekly calls with CJ, Josh, Barton and other successful professionals and members of the community. Includes Q&A's
Access to the course(s) that will be continuously updated as needed.
Daily Trends
Updated Daily: Trending Hashtags and Songs that you can hop on early as they become viral
All of the tools we use to help us succeed are available to you
Exclusive community of successful creators who work together and with you to succeed
Mentors: Coming Soon
Dedicated mentors that make 5 figures per month (coming soon)
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(59 reviews)
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1 month ago
This course has been an absolute GOD SEND for me. If you're looking to get into tiktok shop or TTCC then you NEED to take this course and join the discord community! They don't bite!
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1 month ago
Amazing course! My first month I made $580 and 8 months later I’m making $10,000/month. This program is life changing I 100% recommend it!
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1 month ago
I literally cannot recommend this course enough. I have been in the TTCC for about 9 months, and my highest earning months have been mostly from luck and I was fine with that. However, since February my earnings were under 4k, and I was struggling to understand why. I took this course seriously 2 months ago, and instantly noticed a difference in my video quality and earnings. It was so helpful to have someone who knew what they were doing give me their perspective on how to be successful within the program. I just passed 10k in earnings this month and it really is because of this course. If you want to change your life financially, invest your time into learning from these guys, they know what they’re talking about!
What is Creator Cashflow?
Creator Cashflow is a discord group created by CJ, Partnered with Barton and JoshBarracks. We teach creators how to improve their content, make money on TikTok, UGC and brand deals.
Is this an Agency?
Creator Cashflow is not an Agency but we are affiliated with one and can help you join it.
About the seller
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Creator Cashflow
Social Media • TikTok

59 reviews

This group has accumulated over $5 Million in take home revenue reaching over 5 Billion views for brands over the past year. CJ, Josh, and Barton have been working directly with TikTok and big name brands for over a year. Not only as creators, but as mentor's for the TikTok Creative Challenge. Mentoring creators from a minimum of 50k to millions of followers. Everyone who has dedicated themselves and utilized our mentorship have consistently been making $5k-$20k per month, Some even more, making ads and UGC content for brands. In this past year we have built an incredible community, that work together and don't gatekeep the things other people do, making these goals so possible to achieve. Because TTCC has been limited to a minimum of 50k followers, we want to expand and provide our knowledge and skills to TikTok Shop, UGC content, landing brand deals, improving personal content, growing your followers, and ultimately, making money doing what you love, from home (or from a beach somewhere.) We also have a partnering Live and Shop Agency

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