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Educating Traders Daily 📚

  • Free Community chat of like minded people
  • Free Beginners Course on Trading
  • Course covers Basics in trading, fundamentals, psychology etc..
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Free Discord Chat

Dero's Live Trading
Dero Live Trading DAILY + Daily Bias
Key Levels/Orderblock Access
Full Access To All Of Dero's Key Levels and Newly formed Order blocks (Updated Daily)
Daily Trade Recaps
A daily summary of all the trades Dero made, including both wins and losses, with explanations for each of them.
Deros Strategy Course
Full Course on how to trade exactly like Dero
Weekly Webinars
A weekly webinar is held every Sunday 1 PM Est. You can join ask questions, unmute and talk to dero live. Strat analysis
Trading Education
strategies used by Dero with detailed explanations, analysis, and more
You will have access to a community of like minded people
Ask Dero Channel
You can ask dero any question you may come across regarding trading.
Customer Q&A
Q: what type of trading is this like future or option trading????/
A: I trade Futures, Options aren't suitable because of we need sniper entry's and options fill orders in slow.
Asked on Oct 5, 2023
Q: His your program suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, but trading isn't easy you have to be dedicated and determined to put he effort into learning the skill. The strategy is here and works, the only hard part is mastering your trading phycology which we help you guys on a daily in our Team Discussion Voice Channel. Short answer: Yes, very suitable.
Asked on Nov 2, 2023
Q: Do you live video trade? Are you streaming while you trade. Sorry....
A: Yes I am Live every single day for 7 hours on the discord before market open to market close. I also am live on YouTube for only 4 hours during market.
Asked on Oct 26, 2023
Customer reviews
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(31 reviews)
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3 months ago
I used to watch Dero on YT lives. liked his strategies and wanted to learn them in depth. Its only been a month and I learned a lot. Still a long way to go. Overall, I like how dero trades.
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4 months ago
Great trading coach who will help you stop bad habits and become profitable
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5 months ago
Dero does a great job in explaining the strategy he uses with back testing and proof of it's validity. With the education he provides, due to trading for over 4 years, I am very close to passing 5 evals thank to him. This is worth it!
When Does Dero Trade?
Dero Is on Discord 10 minutes before NYSE market opens and I trade ES the futures variant of SPX500, and done at NYSE Market Close.
What Does Dero Trade?
Dero specializes in trading ES and MES Futures Contracts, but even if you trade options or Forex equivalent to the S&P 500 (SPY500), his strategy and his trades will still work for you!
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Dero Trades
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I Educate People on the Financial markets Entered the Stock Option Space EST. 2019 Entered the Futures Space EST. 2022

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