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Your Community, Our Expertise.

Deluxe Package:

Designed for Established Communities

  • Includes Premium Package Features
  • Full Team Administration for 1 Week: Dedicated team support for comprehensive server management.
  • Advanced Custom Bot: Creation and integration of a personalized, advanced bot.
  • Polling System: Conduct interactive polls for community feedback.
  • Trackers (BTC, ETH, GAS...): Real-time tracking for cryptocurrency or other specified data.
  • Advanced Ticket System: Implement a more advanced ticketing system for user queries or issues.
  • Anti-Raid System: Implement measures to prevent server raids.
  • Ai Bots Setup: Integration of AI-powered bots for enhanced server functionality.

Description: The Deluxe Package caters to established communities seeking a highly customized, sophisticated Discord environment. It offers specialized features, extensive support, and advanced integrations tailored to larger or highly engaged communities looking for top-tier management and innovation.

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Tailored Customization
Personalized and tailored configurations to suit your community's unique needs and aesthetics.
24/7 Support
Contact assistance and support in our discord server for any queries or issues, ensuring a seamless experience.
Advanced Security
Automatic security measures are implemented to protect your community from unwanted disruptions.
Membership System
Manage memberships effortlessly, ensuring consistent income and boosting community engagement.
Automated Moderation Tools
Implement automated moderation tools for efficient and effective community management.
Impressive Embeds
Create captivating embeds with buttons and select menus, enhancing user interaction and server functionality.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
My guy Adam made my discord super functional and look great, and delivered on it super fast, and was really easy to work with, for the pricing as well I highly recommend this service
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3 months ago
I have over 35,000 members in my Discord Clipium. We are a Creativity Program focused community and DisCrafts was able to manage EVERYTHING. They go above and beyond with everything they do. I highly recommend you work with them if you have a Discord server that you genuinely care about!
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4 months ago
Easily the best product for building your discord server. Not only did they build me an incredible server for an affordable price, but it allowed me to scale my paid community in the best way possible. W server.
What Is Discord And Why Do I Need A Disord Community?
Discord is a versatile communication platform widely used by communities worldwide. Managing a server not only organizes your community space but can also generate semi-passive income. It's a potential avenue for easily reaching six figures per year while fostering meaningful connections within your community.
Can I Migrate An Existing Server To Your Service?
Absolutely! We can seamlessly migrate your existing server to our service while preserving your community's data and settings.
How Secure Are The Servers You Set Up?
Security is a top priority. We implement robust security measures, including verification systems and anti-raid mechanisms, to safeguard your community from unwanted disruptions.
How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Discord Server?
Setup times vary based on package complexity and customization. Basic setups typically take 1-2 days, while more advanced configurations might take 2-4 days.
What Happens If I Need Additional Features Not Included In The Packages?
We're flexible! If you require additional features or customization beyond the package offerings, we can discuss tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements by contacting us on social media or Discord.
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Business β€’ Social Media

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At DisCrafts, we specialize in crafting vibrant Discord communities. Our tailored solutions and expertise create engaging spaces where connections flourish. From moderation to growth, we handle the backend, letting you focus on fostering meaningful interactions.

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