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Enhance your collecting experience!

Join the ultimate card community, DROPS on Discord! Exchange, resell, and celebrate all things related to collectibles with fellow enthusiasts. Here, you're not just buying a card - you're entering an exclusive, global network of collectors. After purchase, enjoy access to a wealth of knowledge and a place to share your passion. Dive into this exciting hobby with us and discover the true meaning of collectible camaraderie.

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Fast/Reliable Monitors
Never miss a high demand product drop or restock. Our monitors are top of the line in the industry!
ATC Links/Scripts
Our add to cart links have helped hundreds of members secure high demand products thanks to this amazing feature!
Early Links/Info/Leaks
Members are always given priority when it comes to big releases. All leaks are posted in a private channel!
Fanatics Sales Rep.
Missed a product drop? We provide direct contact with a Fanatics sales representative to help secure exclusive products!
eBay View/Watcher Bot
Our eBay bot adds viewers & watchers to your eBay listings at no additional cost. This boost leads to more traffic/sales
Amazon Discount Bot (50-99%)
Amazon site wide discounts between 50-99% OFF retail price!
Stock & Price Checker Bot
Our stock bot detects product availability & live stock numbers. Our price checker provides the most recent eBay comps.
Monthly giveaways! Sealed product, cash or break credits!
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5 out of 5
(20 reviews)
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9 months ago
Awesome tools in this discord
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10 months ago
Great discord for knowing “first” when new “hot” items drop. I’m on a few other discords and this is the fastest and most welcoming of them all!!!
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a year ago
Great community to be in if you love cards, funko pops, sneakers and all of the above! Not only will you get help with product/release information but everyone in the community is super nice! The owner is the nicest guy as well. I’m glad to have been apart of the this for over a year now. You won’t regret joining!
Does your group cover anything else besides cards?
Absolutely! Our community is filled with a wide variety of collectors who share their expertise. We don't just focus on cards, we help members secure all the high demand collectibles and show them how to resell for profits! Below are some examples of the collectibles we go after besides cards. Sneakers Funko Pop Squishmallows Legos McFarlane We also provide Daily Fantasy Sports Food Coupons/Deals Retail Discount Bots We have our own private Fantasy league for football & much more!
Can I make money by referring others to the group?
Absolutely, our affiliate program pays a 50% commission per referral. Yes it is free to join & there are no hidden fees!
Is there a fee to cancel my membership?
NO FEES EVER! We feel our membership is extremely valuable however, If you feel otherwise and would like to cancel it, simply open up your membership dashboard and click cancel.
How do I update my payment info?
Click on your membership dashboard to edit your payment information at anytime.
About the seller
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Reselling • Collectibles

20 reviews

DROPS is the ultimate hub for card collectors, it was founded with the mission to create an exclusive community for aficionados and lovers of collectibles. Since day one we focused on building a passionate community where every member matters. DROPS was born out of a profound love for the diverse world of collectibles under the leadership of its owner. As members, you will benefit from a variety of innovative features to enhance your collecting experience. Dive into the enthralling world of collectibles with DROPS!

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