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Everything To Become A Rich Boss!

Unlock a wealth of resources, including easy-to-understand PDFs, video tutorials, and expert tips, all crafted to make you earn up to $100,000/month.

Our proven track record, supported by millions spent on advertising and real success stories, distinguishes us from others.

It's time to make these dreams of yours a reality!

What's Included?


✅Tutorials On Finding A Product To Running Ads

✅Scaling Your Store To $10-50K Per DAY In Sales

✅Secret Strategies To Maximize Your Profit

✅Access To Our High-Quality Private Supplier

✅Access To Tools/Softwares Easing Your Work

✅Weekly Sauce, Products & Glitches


✅Blending eCom & Automation For An Infinite ROI

✅Strategies & Secrets To Go Crazy Viral

✅Regular Algorithm Expert Insights

✅Unlocking Monetization & Maximizing RPM⁠

✅Access To Tools/Softwares Easing Automation

✅Weekly Songs, Templates & Niche Drops


✅Our Personal 1-on-1 & Other Experts Help 24/7

✅Weekly AMA's With Successful Entrepreneurs

✅Get Your Questions Answered Every Single Time

✅Never Get Left Behind Without Making Money

The more value we bring to our community, the more our monthly membership price will increase. This $50/month offer won't last long; soon, it'll surge to $100/month.

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Learn All Our Knowledge
We spend $5,000-20,000 per day on ads and automated multiple pages, all we know is at your disposal - for just $50...
Exclusive Community
Access private chats, voice calls and weekly Q&A's with other like-minded individuals just like yourself!
Experts Help 24/7
Get all your questions answered every single time with tailored tips and advices on your current situation
Customer Q&A
Q: Hey, I got banned on your discord server, Could you please unban me, Please
A: Please DM me on discord @cedjcp, we'll figure it out
Asked on Jan 11, 2024
Q: What time zone do you operate in ? and is there any trial or refund?
A: We are are mainly active on Eastern Time Zone, but you'll often see us grinding late at night. We only offer refund if you truly used our resources yet saw absolutely 0 success or any type of improvement :)
Asked on Jan 13, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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7 months ago
Unlike other dropshipping or e-commerce discord groups that I have been in, the owners make the time to personally communicate and assist with each of the members whenever they have any questions or issues that they need helping with. The owner Cedric has happily jumped on a video call with me multiple times and guided me through fixing the shopify / dropshipping issues I encountered and has since helped me to make a lot of money. COuldn't recommend any higher.
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8 months ago
Ive been to like, 5 vip discord servers before this and they all take FOREVER to reply. This one however, u WILL get a reply in a few hours. The community is epic, and u will make money, please join before its too late / price raises. JOIN NOW!!!!
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8 months ago
If you are looking into starting Ecom/Dropshipping, this is the number 1 paid discord out there that will actually help you. I literally paid for 7 more and none is comparing to E-cash just because you will actually receive real in-depth answers in dm's or within the server from 2 people who made milli's doing this. Within the first day of joining I already found my winner and scaled it up to a 3k day recently with 30% profits with the help of CED. 10/10, no cap.
Can I join if I'm a beginner or expert?
Yes, this membership is for absolutely anyone regardless of being a beginner, an intermediate or an expert. The amount/diversity of value makes it valuable for anyone at any stage of their journey.
Why offer this if you're a already making money with eCommerce & Automation?
1. We like helping others achieve their full potential and forming long-term connections with them. 2. We're business men, always seeking new opportunities for income generation. Money talks, who doesn't like it? 3. Guiding people towards success is actually enjoyable. We're having a blast, so seize this opportunity before we get bored.
Can you actually make $10-50k/day in sales with eCommerce?
Of Course, eCommerce is a rising star in terms of booming industries. It's expected for the US only to top $1T in 2024 and account for nearly 20% of retail sales. Just imagine if you're selling worldwide, the opportunity to hit days like these is only getting easier.
Can Automation really make me $100k/month?
Yes, myself and other members are making anywhere from $1k-10k in profit every single day. With a good structure, strategy and team in place it's truly easy. Everything you need to get started is in VIP.
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E-Cash VIP
Business • Social Media

5 reviews

Thriving community ran by multiple experts and led by successful entrepreneurs Aran and Ced. Packed with all the secrets behind their ability to turn Shopify Stores and YouTube/TikTok accounts into 6-7 figure successes within weeks to consistently generate $5,000 to $25,000 daily profits.

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