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Ecom University: Full Access

(12 reviews)

A true once in a lifetime investment towards your future. Welcome to your new family and network of 1500+ individuals striving for greatness. Lock in.

Do you have the cognitive ability to recognize opportunity? You are a direct product of the men and women you surround yourself with, and you are being offered the choice to change at this very moment. Now is your once in a lifetime chance to join a 1500+ member family for less than the price of the last pointless video game you bought. I sincerely want to welcome you to the chapter where you finally find success.

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Gain access to the world's first AI chatbot specializing in ECOMMERCE!
$10,000+ Value For $50!
Live store reviews, viral ad framework, a killer ecom network, 24/7 support, value seminars, 50+ ad hooks and MUCH MORE!
Join VIP and take a journey through my own story from dead broke to today. Notes, analytics and much more.
A-Z VIP Value Guide!
New Beginnings (5 lessons), Heating Up (4 lessons), Printing Money (5 lessons), "Look Mom, I Made It" (2 lessons).
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Customer reviews
4.92 out of 5
(12 reviews)
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17d ago
Don’t listen to the jokeman below me that dropped 1 star. The discord slaps and esp for the price. Everyone and the mentors literally go out of their way to help you out. Couldn’t recommend enough!
Purchased FREE STUDENT 🧪 2 months ago
User avatar
2 months ago
Honestly, the second I saw Adam's first youtube video I knew he was different from the rest of the gurus. He is gona teach exactly what you need to know, and not waste your time on unimportant things. The support your gona get inside the server, from the experts and other members is the best you could ever ask for. And overall getting the VIP was not only, at the time, the most exciting, but also the most valuable purchase, that I have spent my money on.
Purchased VIP STUDENT 🏅 4 months ago
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2 months ago
Embarking on my dropshipping journey felt like wandering through a dense, uncharted forest. I bumped into plenty of so-called 'gurus' offering maps and compasses, but none really knew the terrain. That was until I stumbled upon Ecom University. It wasn't just another course—it was like finding a guide who knew every tree and trail. At Ecom University, I learned that dropshipping isn't just a business model; it's an art. The lessons aren't dry lectures; they're passionate talks that make the complexities of selling on TikTok seem like child's play. And the strategies ? They're not just textbook theories but real, gritty, hands-on tactics that actually work. The heartbeat of this community is its people. The teachers don't just teach; they listen, engage, and inspire. They're like the friends you can ping on Discord at any hour, knowing they'll be there with a word of advice, encouragement, or a detailed solution to a tricky problem. It's not just about getting answers it's about feeling heard and supported. One of the coolest perks ? Those free Shopify templates. Trust me, they're a godsend! Every template feels like a gift, saving me money and giving my store a professional edge right from the start. But the real treasure lies in the chats. Picture this: a hive of aspiring entrepreneurs, buzzing with questions, insights, and success stories. It's infectious, inspiring, and incredibly valuable. I've learned more from these casual exchanges than I ever did in formal training sessions. Dropping $50 for this experience ? Best decision ever. It's not just an investment; it's like buying a ticket to an adventure where you're both the hero and the explorer, discovering the secrets of e-commerce with a band of comrades. To anyone hovering on the edge, unsure about joining – take the leap. Ecom University isn't just about learning dropshipping; it's about finding your tribe, your passion, and your path to success. It's a place where dreams take shape, skills sharpen, and the journey to e-commerce mastery becomes an adventure worth every moment. Join in, and let's ride this incredible wave together !
Purchased VIP STUDENT 🏅 3 months ago
Is VIP worth $50?
No, of course not. It's worth way more. A full network of 1500+ ecom killers, live value seminars, store reviews and direct connections to me and my team? I should be offering this opportunity for way more.
How many videos are included in the guide?
16 full value-packed videos regarding topics you NEED to know when starting out with your dropshipping business.
About the seller
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Adam Griffin
Ecommerce • Dropshipping

12 reviews

Educating, learning and improving every day.

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