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We will finish positive units in your first 30 days, or your money back⬇️


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Money Back Guarantee
Who else can offer this? We will finish positive units or your money back. All picks fully tracked and documented.
Tracked Results
Everything Tracked: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SrO6YwOAdGih6giVVZQp1VoPWoATBvLCoYnkkNUdNtc/edit
Access To REAL Pros
We aren't a group of guys selling parlays like most others. We are actual pros & oddsmakers with real qualifications.
Giveaway Access
About once per month, we run client only giveaways where the winner receives a sports jersey of their choice!
Client Success Manager
Clients get direct 1 on 1 support from our team in order to help ensure the best results
Discord Access
All passes grant full access to our Discord. You will be able to receive picks like a text message!
Customer Q&A
Q: What sportbook can I use with this ? Do you guys do players props ?
A: Fanduel, DraftKings, BetMGM, ESPN Bet, Caesars, Fliff, BetRivers For the bots. Our analysts bet on major market things like ML/Spread/over unders primarily, so this can be up in the air or you could use many different books. We do props yes. Our bots cover them more than our analysts though
Asked on Feb 4, 2024
Q: What API do you use to get data? Im just making sure it's not delayed.
A: Very good question. Both bots update every 20 seconds (24/7) to make sure zero stale lines are showing. We built our bots as a constantly updating single text as well. So that you do not get spammed, and the bots only display LIVE opportunities. You should not see a pick from the bots where the market has already adjusted This is a major issue (not fast enough data) among many competitors selling arbitrage & EV bots. I'd recommend checking out our youtube for live examples
Asked on Jan 22, 2024
Q: Does your picks consist of everything- money lines, spreads, totals & player props for all the four major sports?
A: Overall, yes. We have bots that cover more small market things like props & may cover certain sports more than our analysts do, but overall yes.
Asked on Feb 3, 2024
Q: Do you guys do prizepicks ?
A: This page does not. We do have a separate branch of the company specifically for Prize Picks, Sleeper, Underdog, etc. Head to our Youtube for more on this!
Asked on Mar 21, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(58 reviews)
2d ago
I joined this community seeking transparent results, but I discovered much more in this Discord. From the moment you enter, you're greeted with invaluable insights. Bill, the owner, consistently goes the extra mile to assist and, crucially, to educate. Unlike other Discords where guidance may lack depth, here you're encouraged to question and learn. I couldn't recommend this discord enough
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8d ago
Great for making money With all the deposit bonuses I was +40 units in my first 30 days. The EV picks are the best would 100% recommend this discord
User avatar
11d ago
They are incredible! Their analyst picks are really good, and their bot picks are insane. The customer service is fantastic if you have any questions! Would 100% recommend them.
How do I get access once paid? How do I cancel? How do I upgrade?
1. Log into whop.com using your email that you purchased with. 2. Go to "Your Orders" (usually in the top right). 3. Click on Elitepickz. Once here, you can click "Claim Roles" to get access to the group. You can click "Manage Membership" and then cancel. To upgrade, simply just purchase the pass desired. For support email us at support@elitepickz.com and we will be more than happy to help! :)
Why so expensive? Do you offer anything free?
Simple. We are the best product on the market from top to bottom. Nobody even comes close (not joking). We aren't some random people selling picks like most of our "competitors". We are real professionals with real qualifications, and a team that actually cares for your success. Our team has literally made the markets for sportsbooks in the past. We send free picks to our email list a couple times per week. You can join this list thru our site at https://elitepickz.com/
Why should I join Elitepickz instead of making my own picks?
Casinos hire some of the smartest people in the world to make the odds that we bet on every day. Then, on top of that, they make you bet $11 to win $10 to give themselves an extra edge. But still, many people believe that their sports knowledge can beat these billion dollar companies… If you want to win, you need professionals on your side (+EV Bettors).
What is Elitepickz win rate & what sports are covered?
We prefer to talk in terms of unit profit. Here is why: If your average odds per pick are +200, you can win 35% of your picks and will be VERY profitable (betting underdogs) If your average odds per bet are -200, you can win 65% of your picks and be VERY negative (betting favorites) Our current analysts profited 87 units in 2022. Meaning a $100 bettor would have won $8,700. Past results are not always indicative of future though. We could do better or worse this year. We cover NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, Golf
What's your refund policy?
Please find all terms and conditions via our website: https://elitepickz.com/
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58 reviews

As seen in US Insider, New York Weekly, and more. Why join us? Simple. If all these people selling picks were winning sports bettors, they would offer a money back guarantee based off results (like us) and track all their results in a google sheet publicly (like us). If that isn't enough for you yet, then head to our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@bill-harrelson/videos

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