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EmmanuelTrades University

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Leading the next generation of profitable traders.

Emmanuel personally mentors you 1 on 1 to make you a consistently profitable trader.

💸 Daily Live Trading: Trade and learn from Emmanuel live every single day. The goal is for you to make your entire investment through live trading.

🏫 Personalized Mentorship

🎓 Lifetime Access to the Trading University Education


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Free Course
Paid features are NOT Included in the Free Access
Unmatched Trading Education
(University Access Only) EmmanuelTrades has spent 200+ hours building the most comprehensive education on the internet.
Trading Progress Evaluation
(University Access Only) Students are evaluated and mentored through 9 stages of trading education.
Trading Signals
Trading signals alerted by EmmanuelTrades and his team of professional traders.
Live Coaching Classes
EmmanuelTrades hosts live streams answering questions and reviewing student trades.
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Customer reviews
4.99 out of 5
(78 reviews)
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1 month ago
Really nice community thank you for all the help
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1 month ago
I didnt have any experience trading prior to purchasing this University, but ever since I have the experience has been incredilble. The course itself is extremely informative andmoves at a pace that isn't too boring, without being confusing. Emmanuel is extremely helpful and responsive, and prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you want to get into trading, this is an incredible product, and emmanuel's mentorship throughout this process is something that is irreplaceable. I have progressed from being a complete newbie to profiting on a paper trading account, and am looking forward to printing money on a prop firm account with those same results.
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2 months ago
Is an amazing opportunity given to others
Is this community good for beginners?
Absolutely! Emmanuel will walk you step by step on how to begin your trading journey no matter what your experience is.
What if I don't have capital to start trading?
The community will walk you through exactly how to start making money without risking your own capital.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Does it matter where I'm from around the world?
Nope! Emmanuel built the community to help aspiring traders from all around the world.
Can I start trading even if I'm under 18?
100%! The sooner you start... The more you can make.
About the seller
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Trading • Options

78 reviews

Emmanuel's #1 goal is to help beginner or experienced traders reach profitability with an affordable community focusing on beginner trading education, mentorship, and accurate trading alerts. Whether you have startup capital or not, Emmanuel wants to change your life and mentor you to become the profitable trader you deserve to be.

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