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Evolution Markets

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Simple Rule-Based Trading Education. Getting You Funded With A Proven Blueprint.

Lifetime Access to 50+ Video Lessons.

These lessons are designed and proven to help develop a unique trading style and a strong mindset, essential for becoming a profitable trader.

Throughout this course, you'll learn how to read the financial markets using a clear set of rules. It takes less than 30 minutes per day to analyze the charts. This approach reduces chart time and clarifies the rule set, minimizing chart anxiety, FOMO, and stress—all common barriers to making profits.

You can apply these strategies to your favorite CFDs or Futures, including EUR/USD (6E), GBP/USD, US30, NAS100 (NQ), S&P 500 (ES), Gold, and many more!

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Full Blueprint to Trading Success

Full Blueprint to Success
Full access to our course library and database full of content to achieve your trading success.
Getting Started
This foundational course is designed to guide beginners through the essential
Trading Psychology
Delve into the critical aspect of trading that often determines success or failure - the psychology of trading.
Footsteps to Freedom
A direct route to financial success, with techniques to help on the path to successful trading.
TPOT Trade System's
Unlock the potential of Forex trading with The Power of Two 2.0 & 1.0, our exclusive and methodical trading system.
The Evolution Indicator
An all-in-one indicator for liquidity pools and Killzone timing.
Custom Workflows
PDF documents that detail everything from trade analysis to trade entry.
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1 month ago
I am leaving this review as a thank you for this course I have just completed. Included is 50 videos and every one was well formatted and clear whereby at the end of each one I felt I had learnt something new and insightful. I would genuinely recommend this course to anyone wanting to either become a trader or develop their current trading knowledge.
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Evolution Markets
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Evolution Markets was founded in 2022 as a blueprint for traders to learn a simple and mechanical trading system. It's tailored for traders with busy schedules who are seeking to reduce chart time and alleviate FOMO, anxiety, and stress. My name is Scott Taylor, and I am the founder of Evolution Markets. I began trading in 2015 and quickly learned that it isn't a quick fix or a get-rich-quick scheme; it's a business venture that requires time and dedication to master your craft. Early in my journey, I found trading to be overly complex and cluttered with indicators. Recognizing that this perception was misleading, I created Evolution Markets to demonstrate a clearer, more effective approach to trading.

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