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Crypto analytics, experts’ live-trading blogs and zero-commission trading

Powerful analytics, expert content, and zero-commission trading — exclusively for frens.

  1. Learn from profitable traders: access content from true traders who share market analytics and generate profits in real-time.

  2. No nonsense signals, just key and profitable info to empower your decision-making. Analyze, practice your own strategy and share experience with frens!

  3. Frens with benefits concept — become a part of the community, share victories and alleviate challenges.

  4. Zero-commission trading: special offer for frens — by leveraging insights on a zero-commission exchange save $2,000 monthly compared to trading on other platforms. We provide the fishing rod without stealing your fish

  5. NFT and memecoin alerts. While trading volume on CEX is low explore on-chain profit opportunities with memecoins and NFTs news. Markets never sleep!

Knowledge must be applied. Zero commissions on our private platform are reserved for friends only. It’s fair— pay for regular insights, robust analytics, and expert opinion shared within the community. Execute trades for free and retain the entire profit. With the support of other crypto enthusiasts and genuine traders, success is inevitable.

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Flash Market news
Market news from bots and team designed to be as fast as possible for your trade execution
On-chain experts
Pro information from NansenPRO/Cointool processed by experts and presented in pure trading idea
Zero-commission trading
Our private trading platform is open for frens only. Safety first: check and manage your money on-chain
Experts live trade
If you like to watch someone progress, call traders and follow their path -> pro traders from Frenzy are waiting for you
Memecoins powered with bots
Degen corner for those who view classic trading as boring and slow
Trading school
New frens will be able to learn basics of trading from the detailed library
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Customer reviews
4.85 out of 5
(21 reviews)
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1 month ago
Frenzone showed me a different side of trading, where you can make profits instead of giving money to the market.
Purchased Frenzone 1 month ago
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1 month ago
Zero commission is OP. Never realised it before but with my volume it’s absolutely crucial to have as low commission as possible
Purchased Frenzone 1 month ago
User avatar
1 month ago
Whales watching was my main strat on the market, now I have better understanding of market mechanics.
Purchased Frenzone 1 month ago
What is zero-comission trading?
Our subscription implies commission-free trading on our CEX. This private trading platform is exclusive to Frenzone members only. It is an independent platform managed by Frenzone members focused on transparency and liquidity. It has our market maker and a wide range of trading instruments. You can also see your deposit on-chain all the time because security is out number one priority
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Trading • Crypto

21 reviews

⚡️ Community with content from true traders, powerful insights and zero-comission trading for frens only

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